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  1. .5 ppr Rest of team is: Jackson Chubb, Jacobs, Gaskin, Singletary, Kelley Hopkins, Chark, Higgins, Aiyuk, Agholor, Patrick, Sanders, Bryant Ravens Kicker
  2. Cooper/Ronald Jones for Crowder/Mixon?

    Crowder and Mixon side wins by a LANDSLIDE.
  3. 10-team, .5ppr QB: Wilson, Roethlisberger RB: Conner, DJ, Fournette, Bell, Mckinnon, Murray WR: Julio, Metcalf, Hilton, Edelman, Sanders, Aiyuk TE: Henry Yes, it's been a rough year.
  4. .5 PPR, starting one in place of Julio.
  5. Drop E Sanders for Freeman?

    Very true about Saquon and that line. I can't drop Gore or Bell because they are locked.
  6. Drop E Sanders for Freeman?

  7. Chubb trade targets

    I'd stay put. Chubb is a beast
  8. Wilson, Ben DJ, Conner, Fournette, Bell, Murray, Gore Julio, Metcalf, Hilton, Edelman, Sanders, Reagor Henry Sanders is my only non-locked player and was thinking about getting out ahead of our league and making this move right now?
  9. Conner & Snell to split carries???

    Yeah idk why people told you Snell. Conner is proven, Snell had a good game last week and that's it. Yeah there is an injury risk, always, but Conner is the back. Especially since being motivated after last week. Easy to say in hindsight, but I started Conner in both leagues, one of which I have Snell in.
  10. Getting Taylor would be a steal.
  11. WW #1 Lost Conner

    Its close but I think you have to go Snell here. He looked great and is guaranteed far more touches than Hines. With that said, Hines probably has more season-long value since he catches a lot of passes. Tough call.
  12. I wish I could follow this advice myself, somehow 🤦
  13. Luckily(?) I have Russ and DJ and Julio. I'm feeling pretty down right now though.