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  1. Fan controlled football league!

    Clearly there's something I'm missing. I'm not sure if people do this for the money, tax write offs, the publicity, shts and giggles, or what exactly is the reason people continue to try to start a football league every few years that we know is going to fail. This one is DOA and we all know it right?
  2. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    Definitely kind of an odd pick. If his goal was really to win a Super Bowl like he said it was I'm not sure that's his best option. But Nuk is there and they have an exciting young quarterback, and keeps his family in the south not too far away. Reportedly the Browns and Colts offered more, if those reports are true
  3. Report: Alex Smith is done in Washington

    Pretty amazing this guy is still playing. Not sure what happened in Washington but they should have appreciated him there with the terrible QB play they were getting.
  4. I am on board with Dobbins, Gibson, Swift too. Swift doesn't get reliable carries but he's liable to bust a big one anytime running or catching so as long as you ride out a few lackluster weeks I think he pays off. Not sure what to do with Gaskin, although if the Phins don't pick up anyone he could be a good value too.
  5. That's a high quality post did you write this all yourself? If so, excellent work. I am with you on Wentz and Goff, I think they will be fine, how high I am not sure. Also the Lions will be opening up a bit more and having Swift run some more routes and as you said the run game is shaky. I think the Browns are still a run first team so not expecting a ton from Baker but I agree that is too low a ranking. Sutton I like but Lock had trouble finding Jeudy and not sure it will be any better with Sutton back. Edelman will be 35 and not sure how much more he can string together with a janky QB situation. Good insights overall!
  6. Wentz to Colts for 3rd and...

    I mean it's all going to hinge on how well Wentz plays right. Hard to grade a trade when if Wentz fixes his issues it's a good deal for the Colts, if he stinks then not so good. But either way not disastrous so seems pretty fair.
  7. Wentz to Colts for 3rd and...

    Sounds like a good deal for the Eagles. More than I thought they'd get Edit: At first I thought both picks could turn into better picks but I was wrong. The 3rd rounder is this year. The 2022 pick becomes a 1st with 75% playing time or 70% and playoffs, which if Wentz plays anywhere decently and doesn't get injured should happen. If he doesn't meet those metrics than prob best the Eagles got rid of him anyway. Seems like a fair deal, but for a guy who wanted to be gone still not a bad haul for the Eagles
  8. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    Sounds like betting odds are actually on the Browns right now. I think he should, that would be a lot of fun for Cleveland. I have a notable bias in wanting him not to play for GB as well https://www.sportsline.com/nfl/news/browns-2021-nfl-odds-jj-watt-free-agent-signing-make-cleveland-betting-favorite-to-win-afc-north-division-ravens-would-stay-as-team-to-beat/
  9. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    I think that's a good point. Pitt may not be as good of a spot as it seems. JJ might find the Browns a better shot for all we know, let alone the Packers
  10. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    This move makes a lot of sense too. As a Vikings fan I wouldn't endorse this move personally, but not sure it matters, the Vikes are not going anywhere anytime soon IMO. The pack would definitely be tough with JJ
  11. Texans Release J.J. Watt

    I don't presume to be a Texans expert but my thought is that JJ had been an exceptional ambassador to the area with Hurricane Harvey and other things, and they have some growing perception of being player-unfriendly and didn't want to play hardball with JJ or make it more difficult for him to find a spot or have him unhappy. An unhappy JJ would be a PR nightmare for them. That said, it is a business, and giving up a decent pick hamstrings an org that could deeply use it.
  12. Trevor Lawrence holds early pro day workout

    He's like a foot taller than his GF but their hips are the same height. His torso must be super long, like Michael Phelps. Maybe that and the hair.
  13. Trevor Lawrence holds early pro day workout

    I don't know what it is whether it's his hair or whether he has a super long torso or something? Or his shoulders. It just doesn't look like he's 6'6" to me somehow
  14. Texans Release J.J. Watt

    No I wasn't trying to minimize it, just saying that's what I presume they would get. A 2nd is definitely something. Some would argue as valuable as a first considering the quality/salary differential.
  15. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    Agreed why not. Makes that Steelers D a nightmare and they are a good team anyway