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  1. Kickers ranking and streaming strategy

    I don't tend to have much of a strategy when it comes to picking kickers but I do tend to pick them from good teams. At least then you're getting extra points and you won't get a zero for that week. It seems like mainly a crapshoot though
  2. Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid

    I was assuming they would postpone that one to the weekend, but maybe they can't because of contractual issues or won't due to $$.
  3. Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid

    The Steelers, although pissed, should be glad it wasn't played on Thursday, as it likely would have caused an outbreak on their team as well. Although I doubt they are feeling too chipper after having the Titans and now the Ravens having issues affecting them. I found this "The outbreak is believed to be caused by Baltimore's strength and conditioning coach, who was "disciplined" for failing to report symptoms to the club while also not wearing a mask or a tracking device mandated by the league. " I doubt any solution is going to be well received by everybody. Postponing to Mon/Tues not ideal, playing week 18 not ideal, playing with non-Covid's not ideal, forfeiting not ideal. Playing with who you have does seem to have an element of fairness though because it seems this is squarely in the Ravens' court. I would bet though they play Mon/Tues or week 18.
  4. Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid

    The Steelers are going to be very pissed by the sounds of it if they reschedule. Are we looking at a likely reschedule to after the season is done? Forfeit? Or just play with who can play? When I said before the season I didn't know how this is going to work, this is sort of what I had in mind, although the NFL has done far better than I would have guessed so far.
  5. Carson info? Got any

    I am not up to date on Carson and exactly his injury or what the team is saying, but if he's playing, I'd be starting him personally
  6. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2021 semifinalists

    That's pretty much what I took from it. The last 3 especially are easy. I didn't know Rodney as much
  7. Joe Mixon placed on IR...

    I kind of wondered the same thing. I mean why make him come back for another couple of weeks who cares.
  8. Week 11 Chat

    Just based on the score you have to wonder how much more the Lions can take with Patricia. Getting blanked by Carolina? Wtf. They may not score.
  9. Is this ethical?

    I haven't played in leagues that lock out. So how do you deal with churning in lockout leagues. Judgment call?
  10. Joe Mixon placed on IR...

    My draft picks in one league were Mike Thomas, Mixon, Swift, AJ Brown, Courtland Sutton in my top 6 picks. Needless to say it isn't going well so this doesn't even matter for me but I sympathize for those it does.