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  1. Wentz out indefinitely

    Jacob Eason, Sam Ehlinger, Jalen Morton, those are the backups
  2. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    I don't think Houston cares, they are getting a 6th round pick and saving 5 million, they know they aren't going anywhere this year. Might as well save some money and get a pick. Still a little surprising a 6th round pick is all they could get, you'd think maybe at least a 5th or something when you know someone is buying. The major downside is it appears like capitulation, which is probably is. I would like to know what the O/U is for Texans wins this year. On the flip side, the big winner here is Cobb. Went from a dumpster fire to a contender, familiar situation and friends, and top 3 QB. Edit: 4.5 is the answer https://www.vegasinsider.com/nfl/odds/win-totals/
  3. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    It seems like Thomas is firmly in chronic knucklehead territory now.
  4. Kamara's value without Brees and M. Thomas

    *for both teams Let's hope that Lasik worked
  5. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    It means the Packers wanted to screw with us by having 3 guys on the offense with the last name Rodgers Rodgers passes to Rodgers. No not that Rodgers
  6. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    Reggie is one of my all time favorite players. I still remember him throwing guys, sometimes 300+ lb guys, with one arm yards backwards like they were rag dolls. He was a true freak of nature. And the fact he was a minister even makes it scarier.
  7. Top defenses this year

    I was surprised the 49ers aren't ranked higher, their DL was a wrecking ball when healthy, and they should be now. I don't know anything about the Dolphins or who the Pats have offhand, but the Pats usually have a pretty good D so they are always a decent choice. I like Washington too with Chase Young, who is a bit of a beast.
  8. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    I didn't explicitly state it, but yes, for 2 years. Still seems rich for a very avg receiver to me
  9. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    That seems a bit rich, 18 million guaranteed in 2020 for Cobb? I don't think I would have paid that much. I know hindsight is 20/20 but Cobb seemed pretty avg back then to me. Rodgers can make a lot of guys look good.
  10. Kamara's value without Brees and M. Thomas

    That's a good point, probably the most important factor is whether it is Taysom or Jameis, the rest is likely details
  11. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    I don't think I or the sportsbooks necessarily thought he was going to retire, it just changed the risk calculus somewhat because clearly they got spooked by something they heard. They have real money at stake so if they get spooked I think it worth paying attention to. Maybe they caught wind of some type of ultimatum that the Packers eventually agreed to, or maybe they heard a false rumor, we don't know.
  12. Top defenses this year

    The top ranked D's I am seeing are the 1. Rams 2. Steelers 3. Ravens 4. Washington 5. TB 6. 49ers anybody have any thoughts on who they like or don't like? Not the most crucial aspect of FF, but I have trouble judging this year to year https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/rankings/dst-cheatsheets.php
  13. Kamara's value without Brees and M. Thomas

    I would def agree with that. Payton is smart enough to not run him up the gut 17x per game and Latavius is pretty decent anyway. What I don't know is if there are enough other things on that offense to distract people from Kamara or make them pay if people over commit to him.
  14. Kamara's value without Brees and M. Thomas

    My first impression was Thomas being out would be bad for Kamara but then I kept reading how people thought it would be a boost. I guess I am not totally convinced. He doesn't strike me as a workhorse, more like a Ferrari. I'm sure he can do the workhorse role but I wonder about him breaking down, getting frustrated, whatever.
  15. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    Aaron likes people talking about Aaron. Wearing I'm offended tshirts, saying the loudest guy isn't always the smartest guy (implying he is the smartest guy- which admittedly he probably is between he and mgmt), nebulous IG posts meant to get people talking, he us def enjoying and courting the attention.