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  1. Players You’re Disgusted With

    Seems impossible that Zeke is still only 26. It's almost like we are talking about his age already
  2. That sinking feeling

    Seems similar to one of my two leagues. It's always something. I don't have the sinking feeling on this one because really it all depends if guys get healthy or peak at the right time. It's not the grinding sense of loss that Gilthorp is talking about. My other team is so bad and unlucky it doesn't even matter. All my gambles didn't pay off. Javonte, Michael Carter (been good but I was hoping for RB1 numbers sometime), Ridley, AJ brown. that was an 8 team league so if you miss on too many you are pretty much done because everybody has all stars.
  3. Is it just me, or...

    Lots of injuries + covid + possibly more load management for a longer season. Not a great combo for availability
  4. Broncos vs Chiefs (SNF)

    Same. Too late for me in that league though. A little frustrating to have a guy with so much talent all year being barely fantasy relevant
  5. Patriots vs Bills (MNF)

    Bills got too aggressive on that run and got burned
  6. Hurts hurts

    That's pretty much been my opinion for a while. Frustrating because there is a disconnect between how good he is and how good his situation is every year
  7. Derrick Henry

    Not over yet, 11 carries for 16 yards and a TD. Hey it pays the bills
  8. Broncos vs Chiefs (SNF)

    I was wondering what that sound was, like a football player climbing, now I know
  9. That sinking feeling

    That Sinking Feeling Winner of the 2021 Huddle Cinema Award By: Gilthorp Studios
  10. Hurts hurts

  11. What Do You Need Week 13 MNF

    That Bills/Pats game is hard to figure, I am thinking of a game scenario that would shock me and there really isn't one. I could see the Bills blowing out the Pats, or the other way around, although less so. You might be good, they have been using Ramondre Stevenson a lot.
  12. Week 13 Milk Carton

    I like how Shanahan is keeping Aiyuk fresh tonight
  13. Hurts hurts

    I'm comforted by the fact I'm playing Logan Thomas and he had a touchdown on the first drive. Probably the best thing to happen to me today as a Vikings fan
  14. Weak 13 Chat

    Bye bye zim
  15. Weak 13 Chat

    Wilfs may have decided already. This would be the nail I am guessing. The GB win was great but this will wipe that out and more. Regardless, agreed on the progressing.