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  1. Who amongst this group?

    That’s your best bet
  2. Need advice for championship.

    Hurts ( Murray struggles with LA and he may be dinged up) McKissick
  3. What are my chances?

    I’m glad I didn’t have to sweat it out in the second half this is my 3rd straight championship but I started 1-4 so this is the most satisfying
  4. Need 15 points from Josh Allen

    They need to win to keep the 2 seed and they would love to smash the patriots on national TV they will not let up
  5. I’m down 21 points and have Josh Allen and Buffalo kicker my opponent is done what are my chances? passing TD’s are 6 points
  6. JRob replacement?

    Wilson because they play Saturday if Zeke plays on Sunday ( and it’s a late game) your screwed
  7. I dropped Lockett does that answer your question ?
  8. No Beasley is Allen’s safety blanket Brown takes away more from Diggs
  9. If PPR Beasley all day if not then Hilton good luck
  10. Couple of ?’s WR/TE

    Jones Gesicki
  11. Kittle or Andrews

    Could you flex Andrews?
  12. Championship Flex???????

    Yes if he doesn’t then Aiyuk ( I know that SF play Saturday so it’s difficult)
  13. Goedert or Fant

    I agree with everyone
  14. In the finals and we are even in player talent But would it be crazy to bench Dalvin for either Fournette or Gaskin who have much more favorable matchups I think NO will stack the box and force Minnesota to throw the ball and make Dalvin irrelevant It’s a 1 point PPR somebody needs to talk me off the ledge