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  1. Was offered Hopkins and Montgomery for Henry. I think it’s a fair offer, but am leaning towards declining since I’d be pretty weak at RB. Just wanted to see what others think. it’s a .5 ppr league and must start 2 RBs, 2 WRs and 1 flex. my current Rbs are Henry, CEH, Edmonds, McKinnon and Kelly and my WRs are Lockett, Thielen, Fulgham and Aiyuk.
  2. OBJ for Crowder

    Was offered OBJ for Crowder and Tevin Coleman. Am I crazy to decline it? Had OBJ last year and he was frustrating to have and seems to be the same way this year. It’s a half point ppr.
  3. Fournette was dropped in my league and have the top waiver spot. Is he worth it? my Rbs are currently Zeke, Sanders, Henderson and David Johnson
  4. Do I need a TE?

    When do you have to decide by? If Tonyan is available you could wait til Monday and try to pick him up then if needed?
  5. For 2 RBs and Flex I have to choose from Zeke, Sanders, Henderson and David Johnson. Am I crazy to bench Sanders? Just love the matchups that Henderson and Johnson have and hate the matchup Sanders has. Also, for my WR2 I have D.J. Moore and thinking about benching him for Fuller based on matchups. Would that be too much Texans if I started Johnson too? Curious as to what others think. Thanks
  6. So many variables...2 WR and a Flex

    Is MVS available? With Lazard now out he’d be good insurance to have when Adams doesn’t play. That would allow you to wait til Monday decide. If not, I’d go Carson, Cooks and Cole. I don’t think it’s worth the risk if Adams is up in the air.
  7. Trading for McCaffrey?

    I’d say go for it. There’s not much we know about the CMC owners team to say if its an insulting offer or not. If they’re 0-2 and has Duke Johnson and Nyhiem Hines as their running backs then that’s an offer they would entertain, but if they’re 2-0 and have some serviceable replacements then I doubt they’d go for it.
  8. Roster Analysis (Rest of Season Question)

    I would not do that Prescott trade. He will end up being a top QB and I’d say at this point Gibson and Singletary are about even. Plus Singletary is limited because he doesn’t get any goal line carries
  9. PPR - Moss/Davis Standard - Moss/Crowder
  10. Drop McKinnon to Pick up Jeudy

    I personally wouldn’t drop McKinnon right now. I think he actually has some nice value especially with the slew of injuries to running backs this past weekend. So if you’re really set on Jeudy, I would try to trade McKinnon + another WR/RB to try to get an upgrade somewhere and that would free up a spot for Jeudy. Try and see if the Mostert owner has anyone that catches your eye.
  11. Trying to decide who I should start at flex this week between David Johnson or Calvin Ridley. I’m leaning Johnson, but who do you all think? Half point PPR
  12. Wilson vs ATL or Watson vs KC

    I think both have good matchups, but I’d go Watson. Will most likely be losing so should be throwing a lot. Seattle is a run first team and could easily be winning the whole game
  13. Which Round 2 WR

    Adams, Hill then Godwin
  14. Indy D or Philly D?

    That’s tough for week one and I think they’re pretty close. But I’d pick up Indy though because they have a pretty favorable schedule the first 6-7 weeks
  15. If I had to drop one for him it would be Reagor. Just as unproven and he’s supposed to be out 3-4 weeks. So if you don’t like what you see out of Aiyuk the first couple weeks you could probably pick him back up