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  1. Don't Laugh...Is Ron Dayne playing?

    I needed him to play too. Oh well. the team I'm going against played Brees.
  2. What do you need...

    I don't need anything. I'm up 92 points! He has Romo and Owens and I still have Reggie Brown. I like my chances to moving on to our championship game next week.
  3. cbs users

    I have two paid leagues in CBS and have decided to take the 50%. So next year it's buy one get one free. All of my other owners are comfortable with it and when they decided to make the lineup deadline one hour before kickoff in their free leagues, I/We haven't had any problems. We'll take the extra money and change purse sizes next year.
  4. Chester Taylor

    He's playing and I'm playing him! He's a been a stud RB for me this year in one of my leagues and is going against a very poor NYJ defense at home.
  5. What is Pinner doing in there?

    This is BULLSH#T! I too picked up Fason because everyone said he was going to be, "the man." This might be my last post because i feel like punching the computer. F*CK!!!
  6. Chris Chambers...Biggest Flop?

    There are a lot players that could be on this list, but...Lamont Jordan has got to be bigger (especially if you are in a league that awarded PPR). I mean he was first round material and up to his injury he shouldn't have been on any fantasy team.
  7. Biggest Bust thus far?

    I'd say it's a toss up between Jordan and Edge (I own Jordan in 1 league and drafted him in the bottom half of the first round. We reward reception bonuses). We all thought Edge wouldn't get what he was getting in Indy but his average is just horrible. A team with the young wide outs like Arizona should easily open running lanes for James but he hasn't found them yet! I don't think he will...of course Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams aren't doing very well either!
  8. You think Kornheiser's bad?

    When Stern isn't on, I have NFL radio on, and I have to say I love Jerry as football player icon but to have to listen to him for a 2 hour shift makes me want to throw out the Sirius. Uhhhhh, and you know uhhhhh, uhhhhhh Jim........ drives me crazy and I turn the station. BTW, who are you favorite hosts? I like Kerwin and Ryan.
  9. Michael Turner - Wk 6

    Bye week is killing this week in one of my leagues and I am definetely playing Mike Turner and hoping to look like a genius as he racks up 2 scores and 120 yards. What?, It could happen...
  10. CBS Sportsline

    I'm done with CBS...............MFL here I come!!!
  11. would you start Frye over Warner?

    I picked up Frye just for this week. Then again I have Grossman and Plummer on bench
  12. Just picked up Jones-Drew

    Drafted him as Freddy's "handcuff". Just dropped him last Tuesday for Cotchery.
  13. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 3

    I'll take the Skins please. thanks
  14. We've seen CJ get Jacked Up...

    No worries.........that's just from all the bleach in his hair. (musta drank alittle )
  15. SNOW!

    you snow lovers obviously don't drive truck for a living!!