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  1. I think I'm heading up to HOME DEPOT at lunch

    I guess tonite the Mrs. will get her wish.................time to start remodeling the bathroom!!!
  2. Please Vote

    voted........great pic. I'm assuming she looks like mom??
  3. Big Ben in mc accident

    I think Roth and KW Jr. should spend some time in schools talking about motorcycle safety as part of their offseason regimen. Although most kids prolly won't have a clue who KW Jr. is.
  4. What the heck...

    any Bull Mastiffs around? My buddy has 2 and they can drop some bombs.
  5. Sunday Chores

    I'm in recoup mode from nephew's graduation party last nite Cuttin grass will be extent of my physical activity!
  6. One Year Later.......... :(

    Sounds like you have some big shoes to fill in being a father. Sounds to me like your up for the challenge though. Just remember, he may be gone physically, but emotionally and spiritually he will always be there. Just like Nuke said, "the plan has been layed out", now follow through. Keep you head up and best of luck.
  7. Tonight........

    Irish Carbomb...............comin' up!
  8. 1000

    that deserves an "attaboy"
  9. Tell Us About Your Job

    Tractor trailer driver for US's leading food distributor Sysco Foodservice in Harrisburg, PA. Deliver food to restaurants, schools, nursing homes, caterers, etc. I unload my own trailer everyday, so I'm not your stereotypical 350lb trucker. Not what I picked in "career day" in school but the money is great and only Tues-Fri.
  10. To My fellow Huddlers

    Sorry for your loss Scoob We'll help get ya through
  11. New $20 Redraft League

    Someone call the exterminator!!!
  12. Who is your favorite team?

    Not you Menudo..........has to do with my place of residence. You guys seem to have came out of the woodwork a few months ago
  13. Calling on my Huddlers for help

    Done (baker's dozen) He's a lock
  14. Am I slow (don't answer that) or........

    Hey RR............come here.............I wanna tell you something..............closer.............'s a secret.................closer........... "THE ADS ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!"
  15. a game with a cube..

    level 21 Hey....can I borrow some of your free time??? You seem to have plenty of it.
  16. a game with a cube..

    me too. I was in half a freakin trance till the dog barked!!
  17. Wonder how Mr. Brees feels about this
  18. Who is your favorite team?

    1. Packers 2. Who ever is playin the Steelers!
  19. SI's top 15 most exciting athletes

    what's so damn exciting about Bonds?? He rarely plays anymore and walks most of the time. Favre should be on that list somewhere
  20. Consensus Cheat Sheet, pick #4

    Rhonde's brother
  21. He said "ass gladiator"! Sounds like he's in the right town then.
  22. Joke Bag

    2 cannibals were eating a comedian. One cannibal looks at the other and says, "Does this taste funny to you?"