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  1. Flex Player To Start?

    stick with Rhodes
  2. My team is in my sig. Scoring: 10% total yards/ 6 pt tds/ 1 ppr I was offered J.Addai and Santanna Moss for L. Maroney (only) As you can see I have Dillon on my roster. I am considering this but I would have to either throw another into the trade or just release someone to have legit roster. His roster now: Brady/Roth Edge/Dunn/Benson/Addai Glenn/Moss/Bennett/Williamson/D.Henderson Shockey/A.Smith What do you guys think??
  3. Probable

    I''m not Big John (only hope to be someday) but I can tell you that Shockey rolled his ankle and continued to play last week. Not a major injury. I am starting him in 2 other leagues. As you may already know, GB is starting 2 rookies in their O-Line. Their #2 TE may be lining up at FB. With the way Favre is running for his life, I would expect Bubba to be doing alot more blocking than receiving. He is always a red-zone threat, but the Pack hasn't gotten there yet this season. I'd go with Shock.
  4. I like to avoid early trades...but

    I hear ya.........It would break my heart but I would prolly throw Jennings into the deal.
  5. Trade advice

    I'd do it. You would potentially have 5 starting RBs!! Glenn should have a nice season once T.O. gets into a rhythm. I'd prolly tell him to just keep Kennison and you keep Givens. see my trade post
  6. Who to pick up?

    I like Cotch and Buck.
  7. Randy Moss for A.Johnson's been 1 week. Give the guy a chance to perform. Did your boss fire you after your first day of not gettin' it done.
  8. Joe Horn owners- cause for concerned?

    Every week Horn is on your roster is a "cause for concern".
  9. WDIS at QB

    I'm starting McNair in 2 leagues this week
  10. WDIS WR#2

    Tuff call......coin flip between Mason and Driver Colston has to do more than 1 week to warrant a start (he may end up last years Frisman Jackson)
  11. early trades scare me

    NO.......your giving 2 for 1 1/2. Rhodes will at best split carries all season (if not lose his starting role)
  12. WDIS HELP please

    I'd go Horn......based solely on the matchup.
  13. WDIS

    couldn't have said it better myself.
  14. WDIS out of two terrible options

    Kitna..........I think I would take 0 pts and not start a QB before starting Brooks and risking neg. pts.
  15. Which receiver?

    is your next question gonna be "Which QB do I start?"
  16. Which RB to Start?

    my opinion spelled DeShaun wrong. (JMO)
  17. Would you pick up?

    Packers D isn't as weak as their O. I'd prolly start Mason. Unfortunately, Deuce and Reggie should be enough for NO. JMO.
  18. Would you pick up?'re sayin' Stallworth wasn't drafted!?!?
  19. Chris Landry, a veteran NFL scouts analysis

    no BS there BS....thanks
  20. Who do I drop to get GADO?

    If you "need" to do this.........I think Burleson's value (what there is of it) will plummet with Branch.
  21. bye week DEF

    pains me to say this...........go with Philly.
  22. Jerricho Cotchery

    Thinking of picking up Cotchery. He seems to solidify the #2 in NY. He was targeted 10 times , 1 with a TD rec called back by penalty. My delimna is who to release. Do I cut Jennings, assuming that his "upside" will be shown in games few and far between. Also K-Rob showing up here may hurt. My team is in my sig. Basic performance scoring w/ 1 pt. per recp & 6pt TDs. Thanks all.
  23. Would pick up Alex Smith if you had Favre?

    Good question. I have same problem. I am looking a CPenn and B.Johnson for Favre.
  24. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 2

    I'll take San Diego, sir.