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  1. Tonights Game

    +1 I say Chester has #s equivalent to LJ's yesterday, only with a TD in there.
  2. My Sept 11th do not know your father nor have I ever met him but for what it's worth I have the utmost respect for him and his actions. Not only on that particular day but for every day he struggles with what happened. Tell your dad he is the definition of courage and bravery, shake his hand and tell him thank you.
  3. John Travolta gay?

    all the dancin' kinda told me this years ago. Guys don't move like that at all, let alone in skin tight white suits.
  4. I need both of them to "blow" a hammy........or two.

    wow......quite a first cut
  6. WDIS at 2nd RB?

    I'd go Caddy.......make Gore prove he is "THE MAN IN SF THIS YEAR" If you ask me, it doesn't take much to be the man in SF.
  7. Damm....myw feels strong about his opinion (said it twice) Go with Bell.
  8. 3rd WideOut

    I say Edwards
  9. What wide receiver should I start?

    Normally I would say Driver (homer pick) but today I would actually go with Henry. Gotta start him while you can.
  10. Need some Help -- Vick or McNair

    McNair ATL Gore
  11. Right..........till you drop Givens for Branch, then you have 4 WRs
  12. D. Mason or J Jurevicius?

    Mason over JJ every week except for his bye.
  13. Just a pinch you can start Givens. When will you be able to start Branch??(nobobdy knows)
  14. Which RB should I start?

    Dunn is the name I see listed after LJ in your roster. Obviously he was your 2nd RB taken. Don't overthink.....start your studs
  15. Which WR

    sounds like you answered your own question.
  16. My wife is now a fantasy football fanatic

    aahhhhh.......wouldn't work, I'm a diehard Wolverine fan. But then again, the wagers could get interesting
  17. Need a Philly homer

    which "him" are you referring to???? Reggie or Donte?
  18. Defensive help....

    I'd play Arizona myself.
  19. Marc Bulger

    He's the best of the 4 you have. That's why you drafted him before the other 3 right?? Not too mention......why 4 QBs on your roster??? I'd go Bulger of the 4.........but..........if you ever plan to start Brooks, you better do it soon, cuz I don't think there will be a later for him. JMO
  20. My wife is now a fantasy football fanatic

    Does the wife have any sisters??? preferrably unmarried
  21. Bush or Blaylock?

    Sounds to me like a starting RB in NY just means he'll be on the field for the first play. I wouldn't even want any of that group on my roster. JMO