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  1. Anybody die today?

    Heard Ed Hochuli was suspended 4 games for testing positive for HGH!
  2. How good is this team?

    I'd say good enough to win an inter-squad game.
  3. Lineup question for this week

    I'd go for the two you think will get the most points.
  4. My Team Rating

    The man said "out of 10"!!!!!! The real question is, out of 10 what???
  5. There are a few guys who went undrafted that I kinda have my eye on. Do you think any of these are worth picking up? WR: Jerry Porter and RB: Jerome Harrison My roster is in my sig. I took a flyer on Chad Jackson at the end of my draft last week thinking maybe he'd get alot of touches with the Branch holdout. But now with Gabriel signing, I am unsure. Was considering dropping him to pick up either of the 2 listed. What do you guys think. Thanks.
  6. Huddle Schedule Released

    When Andy Williams wrote "It's the most wonderful time of the year"............he had to be a FF playa.
  7. Is this the year to "not" take Tomlinson ?

    You don't want him.........give him here, I'll take him
  8. CuT Buckhalter for J.Porter or G.Jennings?

    Jumped the gun there and didn't realize you had Driver..............aahhh, I'd still go Jennings.
  9. CuT Buckhalter for J.Porter or G.Jennings?

    Kinda going thru the same thing with Porter (see my post). I already have Jennings. I would definitely go Jennings here. Huge upside.
  10. please rate my draft

    Even G&S likes your squad. Nice draft. Not sure I would've taken Manning #4,but each their own.
  11. Keyshaun, Mason or Jennings

    As much as I love Jennings' upside for big plays......Mason is the only #1 here with his old QB.
  12. A few F/As I have been pondering...

    last I heard he had his 2nd achillies surgery
  13. Suggs

    My guess is Suggs will prolly end up hurt before Brown anyway
  14. A few F/As I have been pondering...

    Gabriel was already picked up. That's why I was considering Porter. But thanks for reply.
  15. Recycled Thread

    +1 Wouldn't mind maybe a DeAngelo Hall at CB either.
  16. Favre on Driver

    We noticed this last year Brett. Donald is triple covered, the hooks are "wide open" throw to Donald. TOUCHDOWN!!!...........unfortunately for the DB though.
  17. pick of the draft .......

    A newbie in our league took DD 2.1 right after he took Portis 1.12 this past Saturday. I thanked him for his donation.
  18. How early does LJ go

    As an LJ owner (thanks to the guy with the 3rd pick takin' Manning ), is Bennett the hands down handcuff for LJ or is that still to be decided??
  19. LLWS

    That's kind of a shame....alot of family and friends had to go back to work today. I love seeing the big cool aid smiles when they hit it out.(from both the kids and parents)
  20. who to drop for Favre?

    Favre does have a cake schedule this year. Jennings has been coming along just fine for a soon-to-be #2.
  21. airmcnair8888

    Yeah, maybe out of 999999999.99999
  22. Larry Johnson

    yes you trade him to me!!
  23. Mushin Muhammed

    Not sure the phrase "big season from a WR" and the Chicago Bears to hand in hand
  24. Larry Johnson

    I guess my question to you is, why select a player and then read stories and do the research on him. You are supposed to do that first. People have been talkin for months about LJ and his "lack of HOF lineman, lack of fullback, lack of full season experience and new coaches". Where have you been??