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  1. The Packers on monday night.

    My last 2 skill position players taken in both my locals were Greg Jennings and Chad Jackson.
  2. I spent the last

    ...doing alot of this: and trying to figure out who I was picking with the #4 pick in my local last night. Well.....thanks to "my new favorite NOOB", who was picking 3rd.........I landed Mr. Larry Johnson. When he said "Peyton Manning", I followed with a and a
  3. Please Rate my Draft...WHIR

    Do you practice the religion "Guruism"?
  4. I spent the last

    yep....followed by SJax, Edge Caddy and R.Brown I followed LJ with Chad Johnson / Boldin/ C.Brown then Dillon
  5. Most Unlikely Number One Pick

    Last night I had 4th pick and the dude with 3rd said.................."Peyton Manning"......
  6. Guys You Have in More Than One League

    Drafted in 2 locals yesterday and got Chad Johnson as my first WR in both. Other notables I have on both rosters are: Dillon and Plummer. I also picked up a few rookies in both: Maroney/G.Jennings and Chad Jackson Also Panthers Def in both
  7. What are your favorite NFL player nicknames

    Not so much on the funny side but you gotta love Reggie's "Minister of Defense"!! How bout " Brett not Favre from Canton"??
  8. Roll call-who drafts today?

    2 locals today......1 @10:00 and 1 @2:00....with lots of beer, horseshoes , trash talkin and card playin afterwards!!!
  9. What are your favorite NFL player nicknames

    Charlie would you like Fryes with that?
  10. I wanna see.....

    ......Brett Favre go out with an MVP season ......Ahman Green return to 100% after his quad surgery .......Favre get inducted into the HOF (in person)
  11. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

    Hey Hugh........I'll take New England for week 1
  12. Stephen Davis

    ....Rotoworld, St. Louis is preparing to offer Davis a contract. Does this mean Action Jackson's tenonitis is alittle more than tendonitis?? Now who do I pick with the 6 spot!!!!
  13. Stephen Davis

    AAHHH.........thanks LPO I SUCK
  14. S.Davis to the Rams?

    gotcha by 2 minutes..........but you have link
  15. i have pick #7 in a two QB start league

    Stephen Davis is "supposedly" signing with Rams. Not sure what that means for Jackson.
  16. QB Advice wanted please

    I would like Warner here .....but, is he gonna have time for his WRs to get that far down field???
  17. Id rather listen to ________ then Joe Theisman

    Fran Drescher yodelling (sp)

    M Bell is now officially on my trade block!
  19. Stupid Huddle Things...

    The name "wire-haired mangoblin" and Savage Beatings avi.
  20. wasn't he pretty much #2 last year? Didn't have good season then.
  21. The Passion of the...

    try again Biggie....
  22. LJ or LT

    AND the coaching change....AND loss of his fullback.....AND has not carried full load for full season........AND Take LT
  23. POLL: Pick my keeper.

    who else is on your roster???
  24. Fantasy Draft Help

    I'm goin 4th out of 12 next Sat also. I'm still not sold on Tiki at 4. Tiki/Wbrook would be a real nice 1-2. I personally will be looking for Wbrook in 2nd and possibly C.Taylor, Fast Willie or even Droughns in the 3rd. We are allowed to run 3 RBs each week.
  25. Huddle Members

    Pay the $$$ (prolly the same $$ you wasted on your 3 outdated mags), and don't tell your least not till the season is over and you have trophy in hand What does "fuggin" mean??