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  1. WDIS at WR/TE

    the TE part is easy, ah, Shockey. (the only one listed) I would go with Ward (since Burress is back) and Branch against Clev.( look what Palmer did to them last week) good luck check out my trade offer!!!!!!!!!
  2. Need a WR for playoff depth....

    Moss Pennington is back. Moss was the hottest WR in the league the last 1/3 of last season.
  3. Favre or Brees?

    Brees!!!!!!! Denver has Champ Bailey. ok he covers McCardell. That leaves E.Parker, Osgood and even L.T out of the backfield. Oh yeah and that other guy, u know the T.E. straight outa march madness. The Steelers proved that the Eagles can be run on. I would look for alot of Green and Franks in that game. Not too mention it is in Filthadelphia. just my unprofessional opinion. good luck,,,, check out my post Packers 24 Eagles 20
  4. Edge and Goings I have K.Jones. he seems to be affraid of the goalline. ( but then again so is Harrington, Williams, and Hakim) from what i read Betts may start or at least share time with Portis. good luck
  5. Michigan QBs

    Was just looking at week 13 lineups If Parcels uses his head and starts Drew Henson and if Trent Green is unable to go (questionable but likely to play) that would make 5 former Wolverine QBs starting in week 13 Henson for Dallas T. Collins for KC Griese for T.B. Brady for N.E. Navarre for Ariz. just thought i would throw that out there!!! GO BLUE BIG TEN CHAMPS!!!!
  6. What Could Be Worse...

    OH MY GOD NO!!!!! I live in south central PA. 80% Eagles fans 19% steelers fans 1% other(that would be me) this just in.................(for the 4th straight season!!!!!).............Eagles r gonna win the super bowl!!! starting to sound like a broken record around here................................HELP

    I am in a non-keeper performance scoring flex league (14 team) I am having a solid season @ 8-4 my qb situation is the weakest position in my lineup. I right now have Harrington and Ramsey. unfortunately i aquired Ramsey through a trade (had to take the bad with the good!!) RBS- Edge, Pittman,J.Jones, Magahee, Suggs,Antwion Smith WRS- Horn, Givens,J.Smith, McCardell,Q.Morgan TE- GATES!!!!! of course trades r over. so the only way to change my qb situation is via free agency. pickens r slim: Navarre, Holcombe, Feeley, and the dick clark of football J.George. do u think any of these guys r worth picking up for the rest of season??? if so, who? and who should i drop, or should i keep 3 plan on dropping suggs and going for Najeh thanks guys
  8. Michigan QBs

    I don't care who u r...............THAT'S FUNNY!!
  9. FA Pickup.

    Colbert will get alot more receptions and chance for TDs Brees is on fire but so is Gates!!!! then u got McCardell as #2 and then even LT as #3 good luck check out my qb dilemna post....
  10. several on my squad: drafted Gates and Witten and traded witten 3 weeks ago for Moss!! thats right! p/up Brees in week 6!!!!!!!!!!!! p/up Pittman and everyone in my league said "why????" p/up J.Jones 3 weeks ago and once again "why?????" now i am 9 and 3 and division leader oh yeah, almost forgot I drafted Magahee with my last pick!!! THATS WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Free Fantasy Advice Here - Week 10

    Hey Hugh, SUP! quick ques. perfomance 1 scoring flex league (12 team) WDIS@ Def this week Arizona@Carolina or Jets@Cleveland????????????? thanks bro.