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  1. Lost one of my good friends....

    sorry for your loss BM. For what it's worth I'm sure there are alot of kids in heaven that could use a teacher like Billy. Help keep his passion alive.
  2. Im still taking him 6th... drafted 1RB then 4 consecutive WRs..........and you get NO pts per reception?!
  3. Draft today...Larry Johnson at #1?

    Personally, I would go SA#1, then LT2#2, then LJ at 3.
  4. Big draft today

    It' pronounced: HOOSH-MAN-ZAH-DAH! Good luck today Matt
  5. seau retirement shortlived

  6. Peyton the #1 overall?

    The few of you on here that have drafted Manning in first round and say "it can be done" or "I lost in the SB" all have shown that you had quite the supporting cast (unbeknownst in the beginning of the season, but sure enough semi-studs by the end). Sounds to me like a whole lot of luck with the rest of your draft has alot to do with drafting Manning that early and winning. JMO
  7. WORST NIGHTMARE Came True !

    I have 4th also and as of right now (assuming the injury doesn't worsen) I am still set on Portis.
  8. the Advice Forum is the newb's easy button. who do I start?????? who would you pick????? aye-aye-aye
  9. Peyton the #1 overall?

    If you select Manning with the #1 overall (assuming a 12 team league), who do you plan (or hope) to get with your 24th and 25th picks???
  10. How's my team lookin for 06?

    I'd say you're in a "Heap" of trouble!! .........I kill me.
  11. Santana Moss for Randy Moss?!?

    What does Horn in NO have to do with either Moss??? Horn didn't "always get his in NO". Obviously you didn't own him last year like some of us R.Moss will do well if Mr. Brooks is gone. Some downfalls with S.Moss is, Will Brunell stay healthy, Will Portis be back to 100% and they added several WRs during the offseason...which may take away a few recpts. JMO
  12. Rate mock draft please!

    Here..........rate this: rate my
  13. QB advice....Kitna or Brooks

    Does that mean maybe the return of Collins??
  14. The All-Time Johnson Team

    You got Bryant Johnson....(you know, in case all the other Johnson WRs get hurt)
  15. What we Huddlers Do For a Living

    Truck Driver for national food supplier
  16. Losman or Pennington?

    But Losman may only start every 2 weeks (like last season)
  17. QB advice....Kitna or Brooks

    when Kingfish said to make room........I think he meant get rid of Brooks. P/UP Kitna and B.Johnson. Brooks is poop.
  18. Portis: With what you know now....

    Once again, nice info Fogg
  19. MNF

    Kornheiser....... gotta hear more from him to judge. Minny's uniforms......... Aaron Brooks........... Suzy.......... Richardson taking Taylor's TD..... (I drafted Chester not Tony)
  20. Need RB depth in Dynasty

    What qualifies one as a "fanatic"???
  21. Ridiculous pre season quotes.

    Almost sounded like Big was adding his to the topic.
  22. Taking a QB earlier

    I'll tell ya what I would do..................... .............but then I'd have to kill ya.