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  1. Happy Birthday

    Dave "The Edge" Evans of U2 turns 45 today.
  2. Braveheart vs. Shawshank

  3. sleeper TE

  4. Need League name

    the Massechusetts Femanine Hygiene Devices
  5. new to forum, please rate my team

    +1 DEF??
  6. Sunday night preseason musings

    Why is Brooks on your board??
  7. Brooks threw an interception!

    Damn.........he went from a giant turd to a giant HEARTLESS turd in a few minutes!!
  8. Need TE

    Hey guys, I'm in need of alittle assistance. We recently had our draft for out new keeper/sal cap league. I only drafted 1 TE, Shockey. I was checkin out our wavier wire for a #2 (Shock already w/ concussion) Here are my best options along with their salary: Courtney Anderson -OAK-$352 Anthony Becht-TB-$268 Desmond Clark-CHI-$168 Ernie Conwell-NOS-$252 Bubba Franks-GB-$452 Daniel Graham-NE-$402 Eric Johnson-SF-$352 Erron Kinney -TEN-$252 Chad Lewis-PHIL-$218 Jeb Putzier-HOU-$252 Jermaine Wiggins-MIN-$402 The $$$ amount isn't really that big an obstacle, I still have over $1700 in cap room. Basic scoring 1pt/rec , 1pt/10yds, 6pt TDs Just let me know who you think would be the best option for my #2 TE for the record Shockey is on week #4 BYE (along w/ Becht from my list) Thanks all.
  9. Who would you take here?

    Davis has Kubiak there now, he made anyone look good in Den.
  10. Tiki,Portis or Steven Jackson @ #4 pick?

    I'm also in #4 spot in 2 diff redraft leagues. I'm am set to take Portis barring any preseason setbacks. Just looks like nothing but good things for him this year. Only downfall is NYGiants and Dallas are 2 tough Ds that he must face twice a year.
  11. Need TE

    Bump for more opinions.... thanks to those who responded.
  12. Damn you Big Brother!!
  13. In exactky 34 days!.....

  14. Need relationship advice

    let it go realistic. She'll be 21 in a few years, open up a whole nother world for her.
  15. Trade - Deal or No Deal? I need your help

    Deal or no deal..........hhmmmm.............WWHD?
  16. And with my 200th post I'll say...

    "I'll be up in the thousands eventually......." aahhh, no sh@t!! And I'll be up around 10, know................eventually.
  17. This makes me sick.

    Eye for an the same to them!
  18. Sad Story, right by my house

    As a truck driver, I know that guy will never be the same.
  19. A new Chester Taylor thread...

    took him with my second pick (15th) Sat. in brand new keeper.
  20. Pro Cell Composite Decking

    How would it work and who the hell is gonna do it!!!! Sorry to hear this Czar.
  21. Bronco camp news 7-31

    Yeah......we're gonna miss that Walker guy Thanks for update BB!
  22. Mock Drafts - Who do you use? is what I was using for mocks. GOOD= you can pick the type of draft (ex:12 or10 team, TE or no TE and type of scoring), you can also select the position in which you pick BAD= The damn draft could last for days!!!!
  23. Nudist Trampoline

    1046 and I'm not sure why