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  1. A humble Winslow?

    spoken like a true "souljah"
  2. Joe Horn = funny MOFO

    no true "football player" anywhere under no circumstances should yell "GET OFF MY SCOOTER"........... Punter =
  3. Here's to the 2006 season.

    I think Mr. Hank Williams Jr. said it best......."ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!" Why yes Hank, yes I am.
  4. Is Deshaun Foster worth keeping

    Boldin and Bell for me
  5. Poker Quiz

    New player? Raise him.
  6. TJ Duckett

    maybe your 2nd round pick w/Duckett for Chester Taylor???
  7. Since when was Brian Finneran so important?

    Algae had 65, to me he's the most important WR/TE on the team
  8. PICKING 4TH in a Redraft

    I also have 4th pick in 2 of 3 locals. I plan to go Portis in both, unless someone in top 3 pulls a newbie and takes someone other than the top 3.
  9. No. 2 RB...who would you choose?

    out of the choices you gave.....KJ hands down.
  10. comeback, means you must have been somewhere before. Where has he been???
  11. What Time...

    workweek: In bed at 9:00 alarm goes off at 3am.
  12. Heading up to Flowery Branch for Falcons TC

    tell Schaub he's got my vote!
  13. Steve Smith carted off the field

    OMG.........Fred Taylor got hurt!!!!
  14. Reached a milestone

    + your doing it for you.......that's important. Congrats Cid
  15. Some sweet guitar playing

    not big on guitar,, that was cool
  16. looking at your league history.....for starters you could let someone other than Irish Pride (assuming that is you by your name ip34) win. also, gotta love POWs homepage
  17. "that was not cool dude"

    Not as funny as the roster in you sig.
  18. How many mocks

    8-10 so far, have my first real draft tomorrow afternoon. Newly formed keeper sal.cap league. I'm pickin 9th out of 10.
  19. Caught our cat

    cats are a waste of oxygen
  20. Not married yet, but been together for 5+ years now. I told her from day 1, summertime I play on 3 different softball teams (many weeks 5 days a week including all weekend tourneys) Then in football season, I watch football. I am in numerous fantasy leagues and am an avid Mich Wolverine fan. There it is.............take it or leave it. Not a problem since.
  21. Anyone ever see this?

    that's funnier than a one-legged man in an ass-kickin contest!!
  22. Anyone ever see this?

  23. Any of you spend a lot on a vaccuum?

    the Mrs. wanted a Dyson........$540 later, we got a Dyson.
  24. Vince Young & Titans come to terms - $58 mil?