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  1. The 11th Pick

    How bout if you had the 6th and could trade for the 11th before the draft. Would you do that?? (12 team redraft)
  2. 12 team redraft last year, I took PM with 8th pick of draft...........lost the Super Bowl by 6 pts!!!
  3. LeCharles Bentley

    The first play!!! wow! Hope not as serious as they think.
  4. Names of Places that Make you Laugh

    Not too far from Intercourse is two other good ones.........Paradise, PA and Bird-in-Hand, PA (I'm not making this up either!)
  5. Bears and Broncos....

    Heard talks today on Sirius about Lelie for Barlow!?
  6. Happy Birthday Walter Payton!

    all that while wearing ROOS.
  7. offensive line ratings

    Edge goes from #3 ranked line to the 32nd ranked line.
  8. Gnarles Barkley

    that can be said about alot of today's music.
  9. Boy Band Star Comes Out of Closet!

    I'm sure Dad was takin' enough crap from his buddies about his son being in a boy this!!
  10. Gnarles Barkley

  11. offensive line ratings

    Your 1000th post.........and that's what you come with??
  12. taking from...

    I also have the 6th pick in a redraft 12 team league. I have actually been offered 3 different trades for this spot. I've been offered 3rd, 8th and 11th. I'm basically just looking for opinions on which position would be better. Am I missing something here with the 6th pick that 3 people want it?? I was actually leaning toward 8th. I think I can get pretty much the same quality RB at #8 and have an earlier 2nd round pick, possibly getting a tier 1 WR. Opinions pleeze. Thanks.
  13. Whisker Biscuit arrow rests by Carolina Archery Prod.????
  14. Top Ten Camp Battles

    what about the fight for the Packers backfield!!! ..................................
  15. AFC: Buffalo - peepinmofo, Hause62 Miami - Duchess Jack, The Wench Patriots Jets Ravens Bengals - TBone Browns - loaf Steelers- Skippy, jakethebuilder, sunysteelfly76, Pigskin Junkie, Menudo, KordellStewartSucks4Life,Jaxfactor, Squeegie Texans- ziachild007, rhino, rbmcdonald Colts - Roller Coasters, CaptainHook Jags Titans- Spain, TitansFan Broncos- SundayNFL Cheifs - Beaumont Chargers- Chargerz, Danskman, Sewer-Ratt Raiders - Raider.Nation, The Vatican Hitsquad, kpholmes, Return Of S&B NFC: Cowboys - DMD, Codwagon, Irish, bustedflush16, KS2000, montster,JoJoTheWebToedBoy,Droobie42, Whomper,Cowboyz1,hotrod,BiggieFries, T_bone65 Giants - Dirty Sanchez, Robash, Matt770, Timmypg, BigMikeinNY, JGcoach, smithkt,FrontRow Eagles- Keggerz, TDFFFreak, Zooty, Phootballphreak, i_am_the_swammi, fitzkek,Eagles Fan, Ebartender Redskins - skylive5, Footballjoe, skins, ROYALWITCHEESE Bears- URLACHERisGOD, Whitem0nkey, Goopster24, Ralph Furley, rhippens, rocknrobn26, blips Lions- Doc Holliday, CHIEFJAY, Puddy, CHUCKB, Egret, PolicyVote, Russman, Furd, Wiegie Packers - Big John, SwissCheezhead, Super Twinky, Chavez, Fatman, Piratesownninjas, Driveby, Randall, PackerFanX, Wizards,cheezhed Vikings - Kryptonite, cap'n grunge, Gopher, BillyBalata, Savage Beatings Falcons Panthers-PantherDave, rdaled Saints- Slayer, rajncajn Bucs - Jolly Rodgers Cards Rams - carrb69,cre8tiff Niners- bier Seahawks-Seahawk37, godtomsatan
  16. Chicago RB's

    totally agree! Paying Benson way too much to spectate. Kind of a shame, TJ is a nice back, runs hard. Send him to Green Bay
  17. Question for Archery hunters...

    thanks for replies guys
  18. Ty Law Signs w/ Chiefs

    where's Chief Dick
  19. Who is the best fantasy player....

    QB-Favre/P.Manning RB-E.Smith/P.Holmes/M.Faulk/B.Sanders WR-Rice/Harrison/Irvin/C.Carter TE-S.Sharpe/T.Gonzalez K-Elam/Vinatieri DEF- Balt/Pitt I'd take this 16-man roster!!!
  20. Friday Night Lights

    Great flick. Surprised to see Billy Bob in it though.
  21. Your First Love

    My first was an '81 Vette...........(Chevette that is)
  22. Peter King's Commissioner for a Day

    Didn't they try #6 already........It was called the XFL. Didn't work.
  23. Consensus Cheat Sheet, Pick #41

    With Brown wanting out..............u gotta go L.White.
  24. How stupid can someone be...

    Football is just a hobby for him till his acting career takes off. Friday Night Lights was just the beginning!!
  25. buy or sell (fun game)

    sell..........they ain't goin to SB unless they buy tickets. Detroit wins the Norris Division??