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  1. I have two paid leagues in CBS and have decided to take the 50%. So next year it's buy one get one free. All of my other owners are comfortable with it and when they decided to make the lineup deadline one hour before kickoff in their free leagues, I/We haven't had any problems. We'll take the extra money and change purse sizes next year.

  2. I'd say it's a toss up between Jordan and Edge (I own Jordan in 1 league and drafted him in the bottom half of the first round. We reward reception bonuses). We all thought Edge wouldn't get what he was getting in Indy but his average is just horrible. A team with the young wide outs like Arizona should easily open running lanes for James but he hasn't found them yet! I don't think he will...of course Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams aren't doing very well either!

  3. When Stern isn't on, I have NFL radio on, and I have to say I love Jerry as football player icon but to have to listen to him for a 2 hour shift makes me want to throw out the Sirius. Uhhhhh, and you know uhhhhh, uhhhhhh Jim........ drives me crazy and I turn the station.

    BTW, who are you favorite hosts? I like Kerwin and Ryan.

  4. I don't know CD........I say just take a whole season off. Clear your mind of the whole FF situation. I am approaching the same delimna here with FF. I upted the amount of leagues I am in this season by 3 (from 2 to 5). So far, it's been a chore.

    I went through this same type of burnout with playing softball. I was on 6 different rosters. 2 as a call-player. Of course, the one night about every 2 weeks I didn't have a scheduled game, I got called to play somewhere else. I totally missed the spring and summer, not too mention played on 2 fall teams. Tourneys EVERY weekend. 2 of my teams were very competitive, win, win, win. Have fun after you win :D

    Yeah, I miss the game. But I miss hangin with some of the buds I had on the different teams. I miss helping some of the younger players adapt to the game. And I even miss the competition to a certain point. I will play again next season. I already discussed this with the coach. I am playing on ONE team. It will be my Sunday morning league. We play 1 double header and see ya next week.

  do what you need to do. Only you know the answer to that. I just sayin', FF isn't going anywhere. You take a season off. Root for your Chefs, have fun with the little one in your avi, rest your mind and see you in 08.

    Good luck with whatever you chose.