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  1. John Carney = class act!

    Yeah, really. It seems like he was in NOLA for at least a decade. Seems like a swell guy. I wish him nothing but the best. I have no idea what the Saints see in Mare. Is that really an upgrade at K?
  2. Can someone please help me?

    Hi all, Here is the link to the FF clothes shop: I am going to be working on some brand new stuff over the summer for the 2007 FF season. These were a big hit last year and The Huddle was a big reason why. Thanks again, y'all are the best- I can also do some custom stuff for your team/league/championship/etc. I did this design for a team last season, for the owner, his wife and kids (they were all decked out in his team's gear - which is pretty funny and disturbing!) Jeff
  3. CBS Sportsline ponying up!

    Yeah, the 25% back and a fare-thee-well may be in order. Plus it would increase the winner's share this year and I am in the it has my vote!
  4. Foster OUT, D.Williams to start

    DW had 20 carries last week with Foster playing for most of the game. If Foster is out from the start and the Panthers once again play with the lead (expected) why would anyone think his carries would decrease by 25-30%? That makes no sense at all. I see a nice day for DW, maybe 90+ total yards and I score (through the air, I think). Now Lundy, there is a guy only getting 12-15 carries at best splitting evenly with Gado.
  5. Best Transactions You've Made This Year

    Don't laugh, but picking up Robbie Gould after week 1. Also, picking up DeAngelo Williams and Reche Caldwell last week and starting both of them. Helped me to my 9th win and locked up the division and a 1st round playoff bye already.
  6. Stat of the Day, so far

    Forget Evans' two 83 yards about Rex Grossman and the NFC leading Bears...5 of 11 for 7 yards. Nice. And it is not the weather, as it is a nice day up there.
  7. Slim Jim Commercial

    Did anyone just see that Slim Jim commercial? Guy chasing them through the convienence store. During the Eagles game. Man, that was funny.
  8. Dillon-Maroney

    x2! ...and I own them both!
  9. I Love You LT2

    Oh, how I love thee 4tds
  10. Gore 300, Palmer 500, Driver 300

    Going for 600 totals yards for you. That is nuts. Enjoy it!
  11. Help me, LT2!

    tell me about it. I am losing to Bennett and Frye. I am going to be sick. Let's go LT2!
  12. What a crazy day so far. These stats are insane through 30 minutes.
  13. Please tell me Mason changed his name to O. Mughelli between quarters...
  14. Portis in locker roome

    After hours of interal debate I started him over Dillon (and Maroney) today. argh