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  1. Keep Frank Gore or Shawn Alexander

    I'd keep Gore.....hands down. Even on an offense which seriously struggled last year, he made a case for "Fantasy Stud". I think he'll be even better this year. SA...though still a stud, has some injury issues and seems to be moving in the opposite direction of Gore. JMO Haskel
  2. please pick my keeper

    Another "ouch" and another CTaylor.
  3. Another vote for Manning, LJ, Alexander & Harrison. Having the #1 QB, two Top 5 RBs, and a Top 5 WR is a great way to walk into draft day. That's a foundation anyone would love to build a team around. There's no reason to start overthinking and screwing it up. Haskel
  4. Trade advice please

    Agree with the others....I'd make the trade.
  5. Another "who do I keep"

    I think you've got to go with LT, Benson, Harrison & TO. Put it this way...if this was a redraft and you ended up with the #1 all around player, another Top 20 RB and 2 of the Top 5 WRs in the league, you'd be ecstatic. Any one of us would. Keep those 4 players....draft a QB with your first pick. As valuable as you think Kitna is, the difference between a Kitna and a Rivers, Hasselbeck, Young, etc. is only going to be 2 or 3 pts per game. I think you'll find the differences between losing a Benson, Harrison or TO to a lower tiered RB or WR is likely going to be much more than that. Just my opinion. Good Luck! Haskel
  6. Which WR's would you cut?

    I'd go Hackett (1st choice) and NWashington.
  7. 12 Team League. Standard performance scoring (no pts per reception)...non-standard keeper format. Start QB, 2 RBs, 2WRs, Flex, TE, K, DEF We keep 3 players each year...one player drafted in Rnds 1-5, one from Rnds 6-10, and one drafted Rnd 11 - free agent pickup. Players can only be kept the one year after you drafted them...this way, all players are up for grabs every 2 years. Now that's out of the way....here's the dilema. Rnd 1 - 5 Keeper options (I'm not listing all options...just the one's I'm considering): Ahman Green, Julius Jones & Marvin Harrison My thinking: Both of the Texas RBs are in scary situations. Green in Houston brings too many scary unknowns to warrant being a keeper. As long as Barber is in Dallas....Julius is just a weekly heartache. With Harrison, I know I'm getting a Tier 1 WR and he comes with the possibility of scoring more TDs than Jones & Green combined. Leaning heavily towards Harrison. Rnd 6 - 10Keeper options: Deangelo Williams or Kellen Winslow My thinking: This is the toughest one. Williams comes with the hype of a new offensive scheme (one he is familiar with from his college days in Memphis) and he's got tremendous upside. But since my league is a TE mandatory league.....and Winslow being considered a Tier 1 TE....this could end up being a distinct advantage at a position where only 3 or 4 guys in the NFL produce consistently. Leaning towards Winslow. Insert inner turmoil here. Rnd 11 - FA This is just in case you guys are wondering.....I'm keeping Jerious Norwood who I picked up as a FA. He's my only viable option. It's killing me to consider not keeping any RBs with my first 2 keepers, but there are some decent RB options becoming available: WParker, Droughns, RJohnson, Cadillac, Gore, CTaylor & RBrown. There are some other RBs I'm expecting to become available (predicting other teams keepers)including: CBenson, Maroney, Addai, Dunn, JLewis, Westbrook, FTaylor, Deuce & MBarber (as well as AGreen & JJones mentioned above). That's 18 quality (to semi-quality) RB options available in a 12 team draft. There are also a lot of WRs available (hardly any being kept)...so that increases my RB options even more for my first 2 picks since those keeping RBs (10 out of 12) will likely be spending one of their picks on a WR. What do you guys think? Thanks for any insights/opinion/thoughts. Haskel
  8. "Sleeper RBs"..

    Lundy is not available...that would've been an easy call
  9. "Sleeper RBs"..

    Like I said...I'm not planning on using any of these players.....ever! I'm pretty deep at the RB and WR positions, but there are other teams who are not. Since I have an extra roster spot, I am looking to load up on RBs that could possibly have potential at some point this season, so that other teams cannot pick them up if/when they have a need at the position. Just curious if anyone had any insights that I was not yet aware of . Thanks....Haskel
  10. TO and A GREEN for S.A

    GO! GO! GO!....NOW before he comes to his senses!!!
  11. "Sleeper RBs"..

    I'm not looking for any of these guys to improve my existing RB corp in any significant way, but I've got an extra roster spot so I'm looking to pick up one of the following just as insurance/sleeper/etc. If for anything else, just so no one else can pick them up KBarlow, DBlaylock, VMorency, MJones-Drew, or THenry Any thoughts?
  12. No. 2 RB...who would you choose?

    It seems like a toss up between KJ and JJ. Anyone else have any insights?
  13. No. 2 RB...who would you choose?

    that would be a given....if they were available, but they're not which is why I didn't list them.