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  1. Trade offer advice.

    dont hate it lamar hasnt been great and herbert has been great jones tough to give up but for that return id do it
  2. Who to flex this week?

    id still lean ceh even with matchup solid options...prob claypool next
  3. Trade help

    ye, not sure if taysom will be consistent moving forward...but for that price, go for it
  4. Pick 2 RB

    carson and davis (i think cmc out again...wait for confirmation on that when announced)
  5. Fair price for D.Henry?

    ye its not a bad trade at all....but with how fuller playing id keep him wouldn't blame you either way
  6. Making the cut

    drop duke
  7. Drop Hollywood?

    he has been very underwhelming...but who are you dropping him for?
  8. Running Backs Question

    that is an upgrade...duke has done nothing even with volume
  9. Accept this?

    how many WRs and Flex do you start? if 2 WR and do it (Note: as a Montgomery owner he has been underwhelming but if you're banking on his schedule....) if 3 WR and Flex ….you probably still can afford it (again, if you're all in on Montgomery)