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  1. Tannehill or Hurts for the championship?

    agreed...tough. Go with tanny who needs to throw a lot in likely shootout
  2. Flex Help - Gaskin/Ahmed or Fournette?

    if rojo is back then not fournette id go with one of mia rb
  3. For the 4peat: Diontae or Godwin

  4. TE: Henry or Tonyan?

    tonyan better td upside...henry disappointing
  5. Looking Ahead, impossible decision....

    great problem to have i get the logic in benching monty but id bench akers tough call but thankfully you are in good shape either way

    tough call can't really go wrong even though both good defenses pitt/wash more likely to be more of a blowout + more options (johnson and claypool) SF/Buff has potential to be close game so maybe go aiyuk good problem to have
  7. prob 1 out of those options
  8. Trade offer advice.

    dont hate it lamar hasnt been great and herbert has been great jones tough to give up but for that return id do it
  9. Who to flex this week?

    id still lean ceh even with matchup solid options...prob claypool next
  10. Trade help

    ye, not sure if taysom will be consistent moving forward...but for that price, go for it
  11. Pick 2 RB

    carson and davis (i think cmc out again...wait for confirmation on that when announced)
  12. Fair price for D.Henry?

    ye its not a bad trade at all....but with how fuller playing id keep him wouldn't blame you either way