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  1. This was in the Detroit Free Press today. Anyone think the NFL would really follow through on this? If they've waited this long... http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article...20/1070/OPINION FROM OUR READERS: Lions don't deserve 'Detroit' December 30, 2006 BY TOM HUNTER What happened to that phenomenal team that won four pro football championships in its first 23 years but hasn't gotten anywhere near one in its last 42? William Clay Ford. For many years now, it has been abundantly clear that the cause of the Detroit Lions' collapse is the one constant through all of it, the man at the top of the organization. If W.C. Ford, who took sole ownership of the team in 1964, had only maintained its proud past, when the Lions were the toast, not the toads, of pro football, they would by now have seven Super Bowl victories on top of their four NFL championships. But, except for twice hosting the game, the Lions haven't come close to the Super Bowl, winning just one playoff game in all the Ford years. Even worse, in an era when their community needs heroes and winners, the Lions have brought humiliation and scorn upon the city that gives them their name. Enough is enough. It is time to take back our name from the Lions. And it is time for the NFL to take the Lions from the Fords. It has always been assumed that since "Mr. Ford" owns the team, there is nothing anyone else can do. But W.C. Ford doesn't own Detroit. If a sports team takes the name of a city for its own, especially since it doesn't compensate the city, doesn't it have a responsibility to the city it represents? Does it have the right to abuse the reputation and image of that city without consequence? The City of Detroit must refuse to allow the Lions to further dishonor its name. Let the team be known as the Ford Lions. Let the Ford family shoulder the burden of abject failure. Would the Fords want to associate their cars with this lemon of a football team? Of course not. It is time to make the Lions accountable. The National Football League has always maintained that it is concerned for the communities its teams represent. If this means more than tossing a few dollars in the direction of local charities, then the NFL must excise the ownership cancer that has debilitated and disabled this team. The NFL constitution and bylaws give the league the power to act in its own best interests. To allow the Lions' infection to fester is clearly a danger to the future of the league, which must take responsibility for the quality of its product. The NFL describes itself as an organization of professional football teams for the purpose of entertainment. The Lions have not been entertaining for a long time. Nor have they played pro-quality football. They fail as NFL members by the NFL's own definition. Every team is expected to have losing years. Through its draft and free agent policies, the NFL has gone out of its way to enable bad teams to become competitive again. But the Lions have only gotten worse. Their losing culture has become self-perpetuating. Decent players won't play here. Winning coaches won't coach here. Why go through the grief, the aggravation, and the losing, losing, losing? Barry Sanders walked away at a cost of millions of dollars rather than endure the year or two it would have taken him to write his name in the record books. The NFL is aware the Ford football product has become a detriment to the league. It has the power to act. Joseph Carr, NFL president when the Lions came to Detroit from Portsmouth, Ohio, in 1934, said, "The program will be a success here. Detroit is recognized all over the country as a great sports town." Indeed, Detroit is a great sports town. Except for the Lions, the teams that carry the city's name have continued to contribute to Detroit's reputation as the City of Champions. It doesn't matter any more how or why any of this happened. It only matters that for 42 years the Fords have proved that they cannot or will not fix it. The City of Detroit through its mayor or council must do something about the Lions because William Clay Ford is doing nothing. Forbid the Lions the use of the city's name. Restore the name when the NFL makes the changes necessary to restore the Lions to respectability. THOMAS HUNTER of Bloomfield Hills is a Detroit native who was 15 when he watched the Lions win their last championship at Briggs Stadium in 1957.
  2. Playoff dispute

    Wow, I have to agree with whomever stated if he is in the playoffs and "forgot" the rules or to submit his lineup he deserves what he got. Maybe I'm biased since we had some issues this year with what I'll call "inactive owners". Sorry he'll get no sympathy here, you are either active and on top of your team or you are not. He managed to follow the rules for 15 weeks and now he doesn't understand them?? IMO he's trying to pull a fast one and needs to accept defeat gracefully.
  3. Did the Lions fans walk out?

    According to the Detroit paper this monring only about 100 walked out at the predefined time. The fans are even acting like the Lions now, they can't even do it right. I can't wait to go down to Ford Field tomorrow and see some real football in the Motor City Bowl. It will be the best game there since the high school championships were played there right after Thanksgiving.
  4. Why am I not surprised by this?

    Sorry, you're talking about the wrong person here. I was a tried and true always loyal fan to the Lions (I hate to say but I've put with this <insert expletive here> for over 30 years), the futility has finally been enough. What is it something like one playoff win in 50 years, thats FIFTY years, HALF A CENTURY!!!! I won't be cheering for them again, I don't care if they win the SuperBowl next year. They've lost me plain and simple. You see all of these other teams go from having a few bad years rebuilding into a playoff team, maybe making it to the Conf. Championship a few years in a row and then doing it all over again. Even Tampa and Seattle (1976 ? expansion teams) have won a Super Bowl, Carolina (90's expansion team) has been to a SuperBowl. The Lions just keep doing this "rebuilding" thing over and over again, they'll get into the playoffs as wild card and then not even play a competitive game once they get there. Signed Fed Up
  5. Why am I not surprised by this?

    So you would have stayed with them through all of this?? I can still be a true fan, just not for the Lions anymore. The funny thing is if it wasn't for fantasy football I likely wouldn't even be watching games this year. The futility of this team over the last (pick a number) of years has been so much I am not even interested in watching them anymore. The only reason I will watch this week is to see if the fans really do walk out. They have made it that they are not even worth my time, the "product" they put on the field the last few years is not entertaining, exciting, or competitive. Why should I invest my time in them anymore? Hell I'll start following and rooting for Tennessee, at least the team there is competitive. I don't being "called out" here, but IMO they've earned each and every "fan" who bails on them.
  6. Why am I not surprised by this?

    My post never stated arrogant, just humble (or implied lack). I read through your list and yes most of the Lions picks have sucked, but showed your true, let's call it team pride (there is no intention here for personal attacks, just a discussion you wanted to start), with statements like "Servicable special teamer still in the league" and "Solid corner learning and good special teamer" and "Solid spot pressure player", should I go on?? Granted I could give a crap about the Lions anymore (yes I was a Lions fan), but every non-starter not with the team is not a "BUST", I'm sure there are "solid special teamers", "pressure players", and "good learners" mixed among that list. I'll give you that Lions should just release everyone (or better yet take Mr. Ford and the Millen circus to LA and give us an expansion team with a real owner) and start over. Anyone know how we can get Matt Millen on the cover of Madden '07 next year?
  7. Why am I not surprised by this?

    Gee a humble Cowboys' fan, kind ranks up there with Santa Claus, everyone talks about them but no one has ever seen one.
  8. Studs didn't show up

    My starting lineup this week Rivers C. Taylor T. Jones Driver C. Johnson Donte Stallworth The rest don't matter. Haven't even put up a decent score with this roster since McNabb went down. Ended the season on 4 game losing streak and now these jokers all but put me out of the total points race this week. But can't wait for next year
  9. Tie Breaker

    One option would be to have those teams play a "doubleheader" next week. Winner of those two teams next week would be winner this coming week, and that same lineup of the winning team would be up against you in the Championship. Just something that both owners may agree too since it would "settled on the field" instead by some random event. Good luck on this one and get your rules updated. BTW we came up with the following tiebreakers in our league if you are looking for ideas. Total TD's scored (including D/ST) Total yards gained including made FG's Longest FG made Coin toss I doubt it would ever get to the coin flip but you never know.
  10. Rb Help please Playoff time

    I'm playing both Benson and Jones this week, but only becasue Chester is out. I think Benson or Mojo will do about the same. Your choice depends on if need to swing for the fences this week or just make sure you get an average week from your team. If you need a home run play MoJo, playing it safe would be Benson IMO.
  11. Taking a stab in the dark

    Looks like he is starting for me this week as well. Backed into the playoffs only to have Chester Taylor be hurt the week he goes against my pitiful Lionesses. Now I get to start T.Jones and Benson. Of course this will be the week Grossman throws 5 TD's since I'm playing against him.
  12. How bout my team today!

    Enjoy it while you can. Last week I had Driver, Stallworth, and CJ as my wideouts along with McNabb and a few others and set the all time high score in our league. This week I see McNabb carted off the field and go against LJ and Brady. Wait til next week, but enjoy it this week.
  13. Buckhalter TD ruled a McNabb Pass

    At first I thought you were rating someone's draft with this post I just saw who posted this and a bunch of numbers in it.
  14. Buckhalter TD ruled a McNabb Pass

    Funny thing is just went through the league I commish to see the impact and neither the McNabb owner (me) or the Buckhalter owner (co-commish) games are impacted. The Reggie Brown owner had won by one point, when this goes through he will lose by one point. This happen in anyone else's league?
  15. Reggie Brown Fumble or lateral

    And you didn't add rules for this type of thing after it happened once? We did, it's simple, whatever NFL rules it as of Thursday stands. I would highly recommend a rule change for your league next year. As a McNabb owner I'd love to see it change, but who am I to decide how it is ruled on the stat sheet, I didn't see it yet but have my fingers crossed even though it won't matter this week. But overall points pays $$$