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  1. Flex help

    If Horn is indeed out Henderson is the play, othwise probably Jones-Drew, but Williams is a close third.
  2. trade advice

    Probably not. Even though I'm not a big Gore fan, he is the man getting most of the carries there. TJ is only getting 2/3 of the carries, and JJ doesn't get any goal-line carries.
  3. I need your opinion

    A heathly Bruce would be my play
  4. Commisoner Question

    On paper it doesn't look that bad. I'm not sure if Maroney is still dinged up though. IMO, Dunn is a small upgrade over Maroney, DJax is an upgrade over Mason, and a playing QB over an injured WR (who no one know how long he will be out. The team getting Dunn and DJax I think wins this one, but without knowing the rosters on both teams it's hard to shoot this one down. Is one team getting a better deal, sure every trade typically works that way.
  5. Where is your leagues trade deadline set at?

    To give everyone a chance to make deals after the byes are done, we set the trading deadline to be the week after byes are done (so this Saturday at midnight) this is the same rules every year, it seems to work out well. Setting it before all teams are done with byes can limit some teams ability to trade away that 3rd RB. The WW closes right before the playoffs start.
  6. When do they start nominating people for next year's cover? I want to nominate Matt Millen for the Madden curse (err, I mean cover)
  7. Have last minute questions?

    2 leagues; both std scoring At #3 WR; Reggie Williams vs. TEN or Kennison @ StL TEN secondary is hurting this week, but can't afford another performance like Reggies last 2. Flex spot different league; Horn @ TBB (is he really healthy?), R. Moss @ SEA, Lundy @ NYG Leaning Kennison and Moss
  8. Great game Holt..

    Try having Chad Johnson on your roster all year (and taking him as the first WR in your draft )
  9. What should a payout be in a league?

    I thought the same thing. I wonder if they have any commish openings Our main is $100 / team (12 teams) Top 4 in playoffs get their hundy back 2nd gets - 300 1st gets 450 other 2 playoff teams get $35 and toilet bowl teams get $50 winner / $25 loser. Other $5 weekly prizes as well. FA moves are $5 each and top 3 in total points split this 50/30/20 at the end of the year.
  10. Just got Barlow for Bryant Johnson. Pretty boring, but once Fitz comes back he won't be worth much. Seeing as I now have CJ, Driver, Donte, Reg Williams, and Kennison I should be set the rest of the way out (as soon as CJ starts putting up numbers). We also had a Winslow and Betts for Jamal Lewis trade this week. 12 team, redraft, perf scoring
  11. Novice Bitching

    So how many ladies are in yor league? You are really serious here I take it. You are talking about a #4/5 WR for a backup tight end. Either she (the other owner) has way too much time on her hands or she really is a rookie. Just let it go.
  12. Start McNabb?

    Didn't look at the weather yet for Sun, but doubt I'd be able to sit the top player this year for anything. My backup is Rivers so I could do this, but sitting McNabb?? You're just playing with fire IMO
  13. Just this week, 12 team perf redraft. Donte Stallworth (I got) for Chevette Williams
  14. Biggest Bust thus far?

    At QB; I haven't seen Hasselbeck thrown out here yet. To date he was disappointing at best, take away three weeks or stats and well ... At RB; lets see; Jordan, Edge, Caddy, and SA were all 1st round picks and I don't think any are in the top 20. At WR; Based on draft postion CJ has to rank near the top
  15. T. Jones or L. Washington?

    I'd go with TJ this week. How did you end up with SA, Taylor, Jones, and Ronnie Brown? 6 team league?
  16. I hope you have already accepted it
  17. Dealt for L.T.!

  18. Trade Mike Furrey for Jerry Porter?

    I'm not sure Porter will catch on anywhere anytime soon. The Lionesses are still building and if they can ever find a QB, Furrey would get my vote over Porter. But I'm not sure either of these will ever be a consistent top 25 guy. I'd sit tight with Furrey
  19. Would you trade R.Moss for S. Alexander

    I have a hard time believing you'll get SA for Moss, but if he bites, make sure you accept before he changes his mind.
  20. Paging Mr. Chad Johnson

    Should I really start Kennison every week over his sorry <insert favorite expletive here>? There I feel better
  21. Paging Mr. Chad Johnson

    I agree, but I'll believe it when I see it. He was taken too high in my draft for this type of production, so far he's a bust this year (along with my #1 pick of Caddy).
  22. WDIS QB

    I'd go with Delhomme
  23. Just can't seem to decide on this one. D's can score a bit more in our league and PA are can cause a D to go negative after 22 PA. I know DAL is the solid play, but not sure if the Jets may be a better play against the inept Lions. Any thoughts?
  24. I'm still waiting for Moss to play this year