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  1. I have McNabb and Rivers, Rivers was just for the week 9 bye against CLE, but he looks like a decent QB and his schedule the rest of the way out is pretty good. I've got Chester Taylor, Cadillac, and T. Jones at RB but my WR's are "killing me"; Chad Johnson, Driver, and Reggie Williams are my top 3 and all done with byes after this week. I feel my team is pretty solid and am 4-1 (likely to be 4-2 after this week). The guy with SA and CHI "D" is pretty weak at QB, possibly may move them. Any opinions on Rivers the rest of the way out, or am I nuts for thinking about this? Missed this; 12 team, Perf. Scoring, Redraft
  2. Would you take Rivers the rest of the way out?

    Problem is I'll get almost nothing for Rivers and can ask for the world for McNabb.
  3. Need TRADE advice PLEASE!

    If you think you will start Housh every week then go for it, I'm not sure you will. In a 10 teamer you need help at RB, not WR IMO. If you'll be able to trade your extra WR's or one of your top 2 WR's for a better RB after the deal, then do it. Otherwise I'd sit tight. I think McNabb will keep pace with Manning the rest of the way out.
  4. Need help...Please!

    You could try Maroney / Leftwich for Rivers and he may bite, but I'm not sure how you are going to get Rivers out of him, he's stacked and not sure I'd move rivers in a dynasty league.
  5. Dropping backup QB: Good idea?

    Last year I had Bulger and backed him up with Leftwich. Come weeks 12 and 13 I was starting one of those WW guys. Unless you have someone on the WW you really want to use for Kitna's spot I would hold on to him. I like Rivers over Kitna anyway, take a look at his schedule from here on out. It looks pretty good, he might be worth a pickup to trade later.
  6. McNabb

    I was disappinted the draft when the guy ahead of me took my pick (Hasselback) and I was "stuck" with McNabb. I guess so far it's worked out ok.
  7. Menudo's Quick Picks

    Bye weeks and Driver ?-able again leaves me hanging when my bye weeks come around. Of course my last resort WR (Givens) is out so 3 are out and one ?able at WR this week. Available FA's, but I get last pick this week. Who you like to replace Givens? Greg Lewis, Furrey, Welker, Koren Robinson (if he isn't doesn't land on "Go to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, ...), Bryant Johnson, Roscoe Parrish, Tim Carter I may have to play this guy the next two weeks, don't have matchups, who you like from here on out? I've listed them in my order of preference.
  8. don't you just hate....

    So far in one league went against the High score the first 4 weeks running. Can't happen all season can it??
  9. 4-0 teams

    QB: Theodore Bruschi RB: Ted Bruschi, T. Bruschi WR: Teddy Bruschi, Bruschi, Tedy Bruschi TE: TB K: Theo Bruschi I'm already 18-0 this year and still counting!!
  10. Chad Johson is killing me! Shut up and play Chad!

    Mr. Johnson, please meet the bench ... Not that I would have ever started Kennison or Moulds over CJ, but again I have at least two guys on my bench who outscore him. For the season he is only better than Givens on my team right now. (out of Driver, Reg. Williams, Kennison, Moulds, CJ, and Givens) Problem with trying to trade him is his value is low right now (same thing with the other Moss in one of my other leagues) so I won't get anything of value for him. Guess I should have looked a bit closer at the consistency numbers and took Holt over him at the draft.
  11. Bears homers or fans

    Didn't happen to grad-e-ate too did you?
  12. Tatum Bell up the middle?

    Patience Grasshopper, patience
  13. Will Randy Moss be good?

    I say sure, it just depends on what you want him to be good at! If it's watching his team trying to beat Tampa's futility record for a season you bet he'll be good at that walking out his routes. If it's putting up fantasy stats ... well probably not, but who knows. I've got him one league and as soon as he puts up some good numbers one week he is trade bait for the best offer I get.
  14. Wow, this sucks..Chad!

    He's starting to really tick me off, wondering if he still is shaking off the effects of his hit from last week?? Before this week my best WR's in order were Driver, Moulds, Reggie Williams, C. Johnson. Since all of them stunk up the joint today (ok Driver did at least finally score) ...
  15. Tatum Bell up the middle?

    Until the "F" word happens, what's the over / under on Denver fumbles with Tatum carrying the rock??
  16. weren't the Giants?

    That's why you need give negative points to a DEF once they give up over 22 ps in a game. We give positive points for keeping a team under 14 points, 0 points for 15-21 points, and then start taking points over 22. The max negative is -15 if they give up over 36 points. The G-Man would have had 9 points for the 3 picks and -15 for PA for a total of -6 this week.
  17. Bronco's Fantasy Advice

    Need to choose 2 RB's. 1/10 rush, rec 6/TD T.Jones @MIN C.Taylor vs. CHI Cadillac vs. CAR The matchups / projections seems to say Chester and Jones, but for whatever reason I'm inclined to play Caddy one more week. I didn't draft him to sit on my bench, but when do you start to sit him (Not that T.Jones has done any better so far this year)
  18. RB Conundrum - who to keep?

    I'd drop Addai only becasue you have to drop someone. IND is going to be pass first this year and Addai is till a rookie behind Rhodes. #2 choice to drop would be Jacobs. You can't drop a starting RB IMO
  19. FA Pick-up

    I think you flip a coin on this one. I thought Norwood was burner, not a big goal line type back (he's only 6' / 200). My gut says ATL will run the ball more than HOU since they won't be down 35-10 in the 3rd as aften as HOU, but I'm not expecting Duckett like numbers from him. The jury is still out with HOU's running game so giving up on Morency this early may not be a good idea either If I were you I'd stick with the guy you drafted (you drafted him over Norwood for a reason, might have been too many )
  20. Quick Pick: RB Group 1 (or) RB Group 2

    Group 2, after week 5 you may not have a starter in Group 1.
  21. Draft Strategy

    I believe you take the best player on the board in the first two rounds. However picking at 8 this year you will need to make a choice (possibly) if the last of the top 14 RB's are on the board. Sine there are way too many RBBC's and questionable RB's after that you can either take two "solid" RB's and then do your homework on WR's and pick up 4 solid #2 WR's (and live without a true #1 WR), or get a real #1 WR and have questions at your #2 RB slot all year (along with all of the other owners in your league) I'm at 11 in my main league are still on the fence on this one. Since you have to play 3WR's I think RB/WR at 1 and 2 is the way to go. After that you can hope one of the other tier 2 RB's or WR's falls to you at 32. After that then start filling up your roster.
  22. i had the best draft ever !

    The first step (as they tell me in my meetings, err I mean my buddies meetings as he has told me) is admitting you have a problem. Jusy laying blame on your buddies means you are still in the denial stage. It's gonna be long year for someone.
  23. i had the best draft ever !

    Eventually you are going to sober up and
  24. Any type of draft room service available?

    try Antsports.com Now that most of their pay leagues drafts are wrapping up the site should run pretty smooth.
  25. Just finishing up my first draft from the #1 slot, didn't like it this year at all. The lemmings in the league (I'm new to the league so didn't know how they would draft) couldn't stop following each other in picking RB's for two rounds and then WR's the next two. Being in the middle spots this year is the best IMO. You still get a top 6-7 RB, a decent shot at a top WR and your #3 pick is now your choice of a decent #2 RB or #2 WR. Picking at the ends this year are tough. At the 10-12 slots you're getting an ok #1 RB and if go with another RB you're getting a Tier 3 WR as your #1 WR (assuming a 12 team league). At the 1-3 slots you get a stud RB, but you may luck into a Tier 1 WR, you'll likely get a Tier 2 WR as your #1 and take your #2 RB a bit early based on value or another good WR but your #2 RB will be a stretch (better do your homework, as this is likely your best bet).