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  1. Question for all you commish's out there!

    You CANNOT change the rules after the season starts. Now that that's clear, we don't open up the WW until after week one, mainly because we use a worst-to-first WW order. Another option is to do your draft after all the preseason games are done. Since the NFL in it's wisdom starts the season with a Thursday night game we don't do our draft until the Friday after that (previously it was the Friday night before the season started. Just makes it better for everyone to know who actually made the 53-man rosters. I know this isn't possible in all cases, but it sure makes life easier for everyone in the league (and someone always drafts a guy who was cut every year, so we all get some laughs too)
  2. Running Backs

    Just into round 9 on my first draft. First 8 rounds and RB's per round were: 1: 12 2: 2 3: 7 4: 5 5: 1 6: 3 7: 5 8: 6 This is a 12 teamer with 1RB - 2WR and 1 Flex (RB/WR) starting spots Still lots of WR's (only 34 taken thru 8 rounds) and only 10 QB's taken so far (2nd one was taken in the 5th) Have not seen so many teams scrambling for RB's this year. Agreed once you get one in the first it's a crapshoot after then. I think for my other two drafts it's do your homework on RB's 14-25 and pick one or two "safe" ones and target them earlier than normal and then load up on WR's while everyone else is scrambling for their #2 and 3 RB.
  3. who would you draft?

    Of those, it's either Edge or Brown, <flipping a coin> It came up Edge Not sure you can go wrong with either one. I like Edge just based on experience
  4. Looking at a #3 RB in our draft. These four are still around. Any opinions in how you would rank these guys. Performance scoring, pt/catch. I have them Jones, Rhodes, Taylor, Green Not sure on the first two though, should I flip them? Addai went really early IMO (3.10) and we are now at 6.12. Benson is still around, but not sure I'll be able to handcuff with next pick. Will likely not need this RB other than injury, but these are still viable starters in the right matchup in a 12 team league
  5. T.O.- What the f*ck is this guy doing now?

    I'd try to trade him as soon as he plays one game. Hopefully (if he ever gets to play for DAL) he goes for 215yds and 3 scores. I was really happy someone took him befroe my 2nd round pick came. Randy Moss fell to 3.01 for me and he looked good this weekend. After the fiasco last year he obviously thinks the universe revolves around him and he must have enough $$ socked away to not give a S$#% if he ever collects another paycheck. Sorry to likely not make you feel better, I'll only take in my other drafts as my #2WR, he is took much of a risk to not play even when healthy. He is money when he plays I agree, he just doesn't appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  6. QB Friendly System

    My main league uses this system. It brings up the QB's a bit. Your downside is right on the mark here. Everyone gets a top RB at their #1 but you. You are in the wrong spot in the draft if you want Peyton and a decent RB. Every year in our league someon takes Peyton in the first and I can't remember the team with Peyton ever making the playoffs in this league (could be coincedence, but typically this team struggles to get 2 decent RB's to play each week)
  7. Trade Evaluation

    I'd likely make the move. You already have a Tier 1 RB. You'll get a better shot at the WR you want and still get a decent #2 RB. If you stay where you are your best picks would be WR/WR at 2/3. I can't figure out why the guy at 7 would do this?? He already has a late round pick in the 1st, he is moving down in the second and you are swapping picks in the 3rd, seems bit strange to me, not sure what I am missing here.
  8. Fast Willie Draft Value

    He went at 2.1 in my first draft, a bit early IMO but since the first 12 picks were RB, it was between him or Westy. Personally I'd rank Westy above Willie in a PPR league, but they are #13/14 on my list Unless you are in the first half of round 2 you likely won't get him, but if you are down there in the first you already have one Tier 2 RB. Personally I'm picking at 11 in one league and I will go RB/WR (or Peyton if he falls to 2.2) so I can at least get a top WR. Do you want two Tier 2 RB's and a tier 2 WR, or a tier 2 and Tier 3 RB along with Tier 1 WR, that's what you need to look at.
  9. Took SJax at this spot in one league. Would have taken Tiki obviously, but the guy at 6 was ticked 'cause he wanted SJax also. I think you could put SJax, Ronnie, Rudi, or Portis (now that he is hurt) in a hat and draw one out. all have a few questions so go with your gut.
  10. Chester of Gore

    I like Chester, Minny has improved their O-Line, and don't forget Richardson is now there to open some holes up. Chester has always looked good behind Jamal when he played, Gore may also show some good games this year, but once you're down 28-7 in the 3rd most RB's don't get the rock too much anymore.
  11. Keeper League Question

    Agree with Mugsy, unless it's Gates, most other TE's are no better than a #3 WR.
  12. should i trade Westbrook for D.Mason

    Another no vote here, Mason will likley do well this year, but I'd keep Westy with the pt/catch. He may end up with as many catches as Mason this year since PHilly only has a TE and RB to throw to.
  13. F. Gore

    Went at 3.12 in one of my online leagues. 12 team performance redraft with pt/catch
  14. Droughns or Dillon?

    I like Dillon, Clevelnad O looks in shambles so far.
  15. NFL Experience

    Finally got my tix to go with the boys for Sat morning. Anyone else been to it in other cities? It sounds pretty cool, too bad my son's think real football players will be there (from 8-10 it's only Lions players) I ended up with one extra ticket (9 AM entry) if someone is around the northern Detroit suburbs and interested PM me and I'll try to get it to you (I'm not trying to sell it here, it's free, but you gotta pick it up). I don't feel like hocking it on FleaBay and I'd hate to see it go to waste figured there might be someone around here interested.
  16. Michigan Huddlers

    Born in the Thumb (only folks from Michigan will get this) and now a bit north of the Palace.
  17. About 250 kph (I guess thats around 150 mph) on the autobahn in Germany. Had a nice BMW 7 series, Talk about driving scared. Even though it's legal over there all you need is one bozo pulling out in front of you... It is quite a rush though.
  18. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: Judge Smales What: Engineer for one of the big 2 1/2 US car companies When: 36, married, 2 little sports fans; 7 and 4 Where: Detroit area, unfortunately still a Lion's fan Why: This is the best FFB site around by far. I think I've tried most of the other pay sites and this one has the best info and insight on the message bords, just wish I had more time to spend on the boards. Bio: just finished my 10th season in fant football, 2-2 in the big games for my main league. Up to 2 leagues a season consistently, most I've done is 4. Started in fantasy baseball in the early 90's, baseball takes WAY TOO MUCH TIME. Commish my main league with same core of 10 guys for the last 5 years, always seem to have a couple of floaters to fill-up the 12 teams.
  19. League payouts

    Still waiting for one deadbeat a$$ whole from a league we won in from 2004. He won't even respond to my emails or calls anymore but you think he'll send out the money. I've now resorted to sending the entire league (I dropped out since I didn't get paid before the draft last year) "Deadbeat Alerts" on a weekly basis. The leagues I run have checks in the mail within 2 days after the end of the season. If you have to pay upfront there is no reason the commish can't get the money out quickly either.
  20. lasik

    It's been 4 1/2 years and I wish I had done it sooner. 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. Other than about an hour or two of discomfort if you open your eyes (go home and take a nap afterwards) Within 3-4 hours you are good to go, your eyes will go in and out of focus for about week afterwards, but no having to deal with glasses an contacts is well worth.
  21. If your team is looking for a Coach,

    Since it hasn't been brought up yet; Can the teams talk to Bruschi or do they need to wait until after he is knighted?
  22. Not so fast Houston.....

    Can us Lions fans get a new owner too? We've been waiting a LOOOOONG Time here as well for something to root for.
  23. Huddlers With Championships!

    Won one small money 10 teamer with: Hass SA SJax SSmith Holt Engram / Branch Crumpler Wilkins CHI Dominated this one all year went 11-2 and rolled through my 2 playoff games. My local; finished 3rd in points and lost in the 2nd round of playoffs. I was pretty fortunate in this league since my roster started with Bulger, Leftwich, Dillon, CBrown, Engram, and Holt (then traded for DD and Ferguson as well) who all missed at least 2+ games to injury. If only a few of these guys stayed healthy all year I think I'd have had a shot at winning this one too. Got my entry fee back for the points and playoffs so it coulda been worse.
  24. Fellow huddlers please help.

    Not sure what your issue with this is rule is, but IMO, it's an ok rule. My biggest reason for liking it is take LJ this year. Someone drafted him in the later rounds and has a great keeper for next year. But he could possibly top the charts for the 5 years. With this rule after next year someone else has a shot at him. If you want to have a keeper league and that's the rule live with it. I've been a in few keeper leagues and have always inherited teams, in those leagues guys like LT, SA, Manning, etc. are NEVER available to me to draft and frankly it sucks. No one wants to inherit a team without any decent players in a keeper league, this way there is always someone in the draft to pick up.