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  1. I started Garrard over...

    This is good advice for everyone. I learned this the hard way my first year in FF. Back when Kordell Stewart was a quality QB he carried my team all the way to Super Bowl in my first year. I sat him for against a tough matchup and it cost the title. I played Garrard over Simms (and Bulger, Leftwich, and Martin). DD not playing today cost me a spot in the big game. I had to play CBrown instead. I am assuming DD would have put up at least the same stats as Wells (likely much better stats). The story of my season. Too many injuries so I guess it's only fitting to finish off the season the same way.
  2. Are you in the playoffs?

    two leagues perf scoring in both. 12 team, looks like I'll make it through the first round this week with; Garrard (Bulger, Martin, and Leftwich on the bench) DD and Dillon (CBrown had a hot streak to carry me for Dillon) Holt, Jurevicious, Lav. Coles (G. Lewis, Ferguson; my weakest link) Gates Kasay IND (DAL) Went 9-4 with this team and third in points. Not really sure how I did this as the team was all hurt sometime during the year. 10 team #1 seed Hass (Bledsoe) SA, SJax (Traded away SDavis for SJax after week 9, M.Moore, T.Bell) Holt, S.Smith, Engram (Bruce) Wilkins Crumpler CHI (SEA) I've rode SEA's #1 offense all year to an 11-2 record. I like my chances here, but need Holt (to get QB) and S.Smith to put up some numbers again.
  3. Do I pick up Moats...

    I would pick him up (matter of fact I just did in one league) for one of the Minny RB's. Not sure which one, but that's who I would drop.
  4. Looks like C Brown is Out this Week

    Thx, I'll keep and eye on this. It might make my decision easier of who to sit this week btw Dillon, CBrown, and DD
  5. Free Advice

    If you're still hanging around. Any thoughts? perf league Need to start 2 Dillon vs. BUF CBrown vs HOU DD @ TEN First week all year I've had to make a choice due to injuries and finally all have a decent matchup. My gut says to sit DD, but all of them a decent plays this week (I think)
  6. Looks like C Brown is Out this Week

    Not what I read at some site that rhymes with "puddle"
  7. Post your made playoffs percentage

    2 for 2 in Non-Huddle leagues (at least the majority aren't here , I hope) 11-2 #1 seed in a 10 team 9-4 #4 seed (with 2nd best record stupid 3 divisions) in 12 team
  8. Corey Dillon..how did he look?

    Plasma's Thanks for the update and nice question Niners. As a concerned Dillon owner I was wondering as well. I made the playoff with that "stiff" on my bench all year. I hope I didn't waste a first round pick on him to leave me screwed in playoffs. It's all on the line starting next week and I need him the next few weeks. I made the playoffs without him half the year. Now if I can only get Martin or Bulger back starting next week.
  9. Fantasy Playoffs

    Just add a note to the playoff rules that the #1 seed plays the lowest remaining seed in round 2. Exactly the same thing Big John said.
  10. Anyone have an opinion on this. It looks like both are starting, I need a win, or a loss and some help to make the playoffs. I'm leaning to Dillon, but have already gotten one goose-egg from him this year, don't want another, but his matchup is awesome this week.
  11. Fantasy Advice

    CBrown @ IND or Dillon vs NYJ Perf scoring Both appear to be starting today and am leaning toward Dillon (I'm a glutton for punishment I guess)
  12. WDIS @ WR

    agree with this
  13. which 2 rb's to start

    I think you got it right. If you do change anything it would be Jones for DD. But I like DD of Jones today. I really think HOU may win today.
  14. J. Jones or R. Droughns?

    I like JJ this week
  15. WDIS - Pitt or AZ Def.?

    I'd go with AZ
  16. Lost 2 QBs for the Year

    I like Garrard the rest of the way out. His schedule isn't too tough and while he won't likely get you 300 / 3TD every week, I think 200 / 1-2TD each week is likely. Remember his INDY game is in JAX and Indy's D does not look so tough against good offensive teams. (I picked him up too to cover for my QB's; Bulger, Martin, and Leftwich)
  17. WDIS RB..

    I think I'd go with LJ as well.
  18. Which TE?

    Go with Crumpler
  19. Which DEF to start

    I'd go with the G-Men too. This is a tough one though and both may end up similar this week.
  20. J. Jones or D. Davis?

    Another vote for DD
  21. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 13..

    Start 2, performance scoring. Dillon vs. NYJ, (is he really going to play?) CBrown @ IND (Not sure he's 100%) DD @ BAL (the only healthy one I have) Win and I'm in the playoffs, lose and I'm at the mercy of the tiebreakers I'm thinking DD and Dillon, sound correct?
  22. On a 5 game losing streak

    This along with Tampa looks about right to me. Swapping Toomer for Mason may not be a bad call, I think I'd still go with Toomer.
  23. WDIS @ WR?

  24. QB help

    You're kidding right?! Granted Fitz had a great game last week, I think reality sets in this week for him. I think something around 200 - 1 to 2 TD's is the high end for him this week. I've got Holt and am worried about a letdown this week. He was up against HOU last week. WAS is a much better D than HOU. In a must win if the rest of your lineup is set I'd go with Hass. If you really need a home run I think I'd still go Hass.