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  1. Are your playoffs set?

    2 different leagues 12 team league, only 1 team is in yet at 9-3, 4 teams are at 8-4 and 2 at 7-5. Six teams make it so none of the 8-4 teams are guaranteed a spot yet. None of the seedings are set yet either. This is the worst it's been in the last 5 years in this one. Usually the last few spots come down to the last week, but I don't remember any time that only one team had clinched before the last week. 10 team league. Top seed wrapped up at 10-2 (that's me), 4 others clinched, and one spot still open.
  2. Toilet Bowl question

    We do 6 in the playoffs and 6 in the toilet bowl. Same format for each where the top 2 get byes and winners move on. Winners of the playoffs and Toilet bowl get some $$ back (TB winner gets half his entry fee back) The losers in the first round of the TB play in week 2 of the playoffs, loser of this game brings the beer to next years draft. This way everyone is in at least one game until week 15. (except for the teams with byes in week 14). This keeps everyone playing. We do a high score prize for week 16 so everyone keeps playing til the end. It has worked out good for us for last 5 years.
  3. ryan fitzpatrick

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with that QB trio. I'm thinking about picking up Simms as long as he doesn't have ARI on his schedule the rest of the year. I can't afford another zero from my QB's.
  4. QBs are killing me

    Started the year with Bulger and Leftwich, Bulger goes down the week before Leftwich's bye. Pickup Frerotte for his game with KC (The hurricane Friday night game), he goes something like 5/15 for 55 yards. Bulger goes down again so pickup Martin as insurance and plan to ride Leftwich for the playoffs. It's a good thing I drafted Dillon in the first round to not have to worry about injuries Enough about my drafting prowess this year. I'd likely go after Simms, his schedule isn't too tough for the next couple of games, he's been consistent, and if Martin comes back at least you've got a few options then.
  5. Leftwich

    I don't think any of us Leftwich owners needed to see this. Bulger and Leftwich were my starters. Looks like at least 4 weeks http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?show...c=131037&st=25#
  6. Thank you Leftwich & Martin

    My starter this week: Leftwich My Backups: Bulger and Martin. At least I played the right guy!! And I was looking at this stretch of games thinking I've got my starter going against ARI two straight weeks while I try to make the playoffs. I actaully won last week with Bulger and as long as Indy's DEF holds PIT to 21 pts or under tomorrow night I should win again. CBrown, DD, Holt, and Jurevicious this week really came through.
  7. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 12

    Pick 3 WR ,Perf league Holt (obvious choice) Ferguson @ PHI R Brown vs. GB Lav. Coles vs NO Jurevicious vs. NYG Leaning toward Ferguson (I am assuming he is starting), Holt, and JJ. Wondering if RBrown is a better play though.
  8. Who is a better start for Week 12?

    I like Martin, but either is a good play, not sure you can go wrong.
  9. WDIS ( Need 2 )

    I'd rank them Curtis as 1 because Martin seems to look his way much more than Bruce's. I like Brown (did I really pick an Eagles WR) over Chambers. He's got the better matchup and McMahon seemed to look his way a lot last week. I really don't like the MIA offense based on their last few weeks.
  10. Need ONE Flexy

    I like Jimmy Smith out of all that. I'd typically recommend a RB, but not sure how your other two will do and think the JAX / ARI game will hit the over.
  11. Gates Friday

    None of his 3 sisters drafted well in his league. Too bad he's still going to miss the playoffs.
  12. LJ Smith Status

    My problem is my other TE Courtney Anderson does the goose egg thing on a weekly basis. 100% of zero is still zero. At least 10% of Gates is better than that. Play the guy who's healthy since you have that luxury.
  13. Tie Breaker question

    In my main league we use division record only for teams within the same division. It's not really fair to use division record for teams not in the same division since one could be a division with 3 teams (we use threee divisions of 4 teams) that suck and the guy he's tied with may have 3 other good teams in his division. For teams in the same disivsion the tiebreakers are: Head-to-Head Divsion record Total points For outside the division it's Head-to-Head Winning percentage against common opponents Total Points This is similar to the NFL way of doing it (not that this makes it right or wrong), and everyone in the league agrees with it so we keep it. Since we use CBS getting the winning percentage against common opponents is fairly easy for us to figure out if needed, not sure about other sites.
  14. Bulger likely out at least a couple weeks

    He's on my list too along with Dillon. I'm just hoping some new stud players come out soon, my "Do Not Draft" list keeps getting bigger every year. Before I know it I'll only be able to draft players from ARI, SF, DET, and HOU.
  15. Gates injury not significant

    Boy this could be the best news I've seen on my team in a while. Now if Leftwich can fill in like last week for Bulger I'll be happy. Need to get one win the next two weeks to make the playoffs. Thanks guys for the info!!
  16. Paging Colts D

    Wow, 1 Sack and 3 punts. Hell of a defensive struggle. Of course I'm up against CJ and Palmer this week. My Holt / Bulger combo could have kept up if someone on the ST L "O" line wouldn't have missed an assignment. Now if just goes down as another L
  17. Bulger Hurt...Is it serious?

    Good thing I sat Leftwich for him today. One more
  18. Playing against Leftwich

    He's on my bench today for Bulger, who of course is hurt AGAIN. Story of my season.
  19. At least I know Dillon is out (just like the last 6 weeks!!) My choices are Pass - likely around half the carries vs. NO DD @ KC- likely 50-75% of the carries against KC (if he plays) MBarber - 30-50% of the touches vs. DET. Does Pass make the most sense here? I'm playing the best team in our league this week so I really need a home run. DD would be home run pick here I think. any thoughts?
  20. I know this sounds crazy...WDIS

    No, it was not there the last time I had read the page. I'm trying dedice between Pass or DD, just wanted to see where this came from.
  21. Need t ostart one of these 3 RBs

    Anyone with an opinion?
  22. I know this sounds crazy...WDIS

    Provide a link please!!
  23. I read that one but didn't reply

    At least I replied!!
  24. #3 WR