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  1. 16 hours ago, CowboysDiehard said:

    Unfortunately Jerra still runs it.  I cannot wait until he dies.  Seriously.

    As a football fan in Detroit I would gladly trade you Jerry for the Ford's.


    I had to start following a different team after watching the ineptitude here in Detroit for 45 years

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  2. What a way to lost the championship, lost by 2 points after Butker kicked that last FG.  Just a really bad combination of things all went against me yesterday. 


    Went against, Melvin Gordon had to get two short TDs but did nothing else,  Lindsay going over 100 yards for a 3 point bonus on the last set of downs for DEN when the game was over.  I expected McCaffrey to get his points.


    Me losing Ingram during the game, just needed him to get 20 more yards, ugh


    Had my best team in a long, long time and sucks to lose that close of a game.

  3. 4 hours ago, jalvara said:


    Am I blowing this out of proportion, since he is still playing for something even if it is basically his entry fee, or is this a situation where he should have at least waited for the teams in contention for the championship to make their moves first? 


    You are blowing this out of proportion IMO.  Nothing wrong with what he did as he is still playing for something.  


    I've never heard of waiting for the teams in the winners bracket to make claims, although most leagues I run always a have a week 16 high score payout along with running total points through week 16 to keep everyone interested every week.



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  4. 12 team 0.5 PPR except TE are PPR

    QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, and FLEX


    I really didn't think this team was that strong, finished as #1 seed and about an avg week of points ahead of everyone with one week to go.  Hopefully they can surprise me one more week.


    Dak, Tannehill. Lost Stafford

    Kamara, Ingram, McCoy, Lat Murray, Gus Edwards, Snell. Traded away D Henry for Waller after Dissly went down.

    Galloday, Chark (ww pick-up), Robby Anderson, B Perriman ( lost Evans), J Ross

    H Henry, Waller


    I got lucky with Chark and Perriman this week pickups and until Evans and Chark went down had been able to withstand injuries to Stafford and Dissly

  5. 51 minutes ago, The Badfinger said:

    If you think he will be back next week and would start for you, why drop him?



    Surely you must have some other depth that is no longer needed you can drop.


    I'm not sure if he will be back,which is what I was asking if anyone heard anything else about him.


    I'll probably just hold him for now.


    Thx everyone for chiming in.


    Good luck to those still in the playoffs

  6. Anyone hear anything about Chark being done for the year?  I know he is out this week, I would like to drop him if he also going to be out week 16 too.

    I dropped Evans since that one is known he won't be back but can't seem to get many details on Chark.

    If I can get through this week would like to find a potential WR for week 16 to replace him

  7. This game is so much "fun".


    Got a bye and then watched Evans and Chark go down this week.  Great I make the semi's now what ...


    Just keep hoping to guess the right scrub WR from your bench and get a little help from your opponent. Funnier things have happened but man it sucks to lose two studs from your team for week 15.

  8. 58 minutes ago, Finn5033 said:

    I had a bye this week luckily, but am concerned with what to do with him next week. I actually have good options to play instead of him. He has been quite the bust


    + 1. Same here in wondering what to do with him.  Unfortunately my only other options are Lat. Murray, Snell, or McCoy to play at my other RB slot with Ingram.

    Almost have to play him, I am really hoping he comes to life they last few weeks when I need him. 

    Fortunately I survived pretty well with him all season but need a few of his top 3 RB weeks now.

  9. 2 hours ago, cubdaddy said:

     Top 3 picks...

    Kamara 84 total yards and another week of allergies to end zone

    Evans 53 yards 

    Ertz 24 yards (and 2 dropped TDs)...

    Kamara is saving his touchdowns for the playoffs ... At least that is what I am hoping.

  10. I think McCoy has a lower floor this week.  Hard to say how the Sea RB touches work out this week.

    My gut feel is that Carson gets the majority of the work this week and that last weeks benching was enough to motivate him. 

    But just a hunch on my part if either of them lose a fumble this week they won't get back on the field.

  11. 12 team, 3 division league.


    Two teams in the same division are 10-2 after this week.  Those guys are 1-2 in points scored, only 3 other teams have 7 wins. 

    One of these guys will be the 1 seed and the other could be 11-2 and be the 4 seed.  

    This league is pretty competitive and has only had one other 11 games winner in the last 10 years.

  12. I am going to play Foles over Dak today.  Still am not sure it makes sense to sit the #2 QB, but with the NE D and weather (and the fact I am down 50 due to playing against Watson / Hopkins Thursday night) going for the higher upside. Just need a win this week or next to get a bye in the playoffs so in a pretty good spot.


    Based on your choices I think Darnold then Foles are the top 2 for highest upside.