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  1. Me 4 for Robbie Gould worked out!!!
  2. Week 16, Bench Lamar if Pats Lose Saturday?

    Only if he Sits even a half game from Jackson gets you 20 they said he will sit week 17 not 16
  3. Austin Hooper

    Hooper vs Hunter henry? nut I also have MG3 as my RB2.
  4. Playoff with Tyler Lockett ??

    I’m sitting Carson and playing guice yoh already have Lockett going and with Carson/penny sharing the rock I’m staying away from one of those Seahawks.
  5. Which QB to start with Mahomes on bye

    WentZ for next 5 weeks
  6. Murray or Guice?

    Guice easily
  7. Any change suggestions

    I would pull Carson out put Williams in RB 2 deebo in flex
  8. need Week 13 QB advice

    Good WR’s? drop AJ and beg someone to waste their bench spot
  9. Can I play Carson, Lockett, and hollister? trade deadline passed. That injury to Lockett scared everyone away
  10. Should I do this here nifty trade??

    No way barkley way better than ingram mahimes better than Dak but isn’t even close to the disparity between barkley and Ingram he would do that trade 4 sure
  11. Drop Miles Sanders?

    Keep sanders
  12. Gurley for Jacobs?

    I offered Carson for Jacobs and got denied I don’t think gurley gets it done
  13. Godwin/Henry for Hopkins?

    Yes. Do it
  14. All things being equal

    Full point PPr carson or obj rest of way
  15. Obj or Thielen ros

    Keep obj
  16. Fair trade or just plain stupid?

    Don’t like these trades hunter on bye next week That’s 2 Weeks you can’t use him anyway
  17. Which QB?

  18. Should I drop Latavius Murray or Mike Williams?

    I made similar decision i dropped Murray
  19. DJ for OBJ

    I would do it
  20. Trade advise. Accept??

    Do it
  21. last try: do i keep both Buc receivers?

    You need to be deep at RB especially pending Barkley injury and upcoming byes i would do either cooper or kupp for godwin
  22. Blockbuster trade advice

    Saquan side
  23. Who wins the trade?

    Carson side