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  1. This sounds like something my wife would say. "I saved $50 by buying four pair of shoes instead of one."
  2. Monday Trivia

    64) When Augustus came out on the porch the blue pigs were eating a rattlesnake - not a very big one Lonesome Dove
  3. Current ADP - QBs

    "Rivers and Young are too high. Hasselbeck and Kitna are too low." My experience with MFL draft tracker is that even though you can select non-keeper, there are still some keeper drafts included. I don't know why, but it could be due to their filter/select criteria.
  4. Draft Day Smack Talk

    He may be old, but he only looks slow. He has deceptive speed.
  5. Huddle Mock #1

    I am sorry my error has delayed the progress of the draft, but I fail to see how it makes a mockery of it. The intent is to see where players fall and how the teams turn out. I know people want to get through this as quickly as possible, but when people do things as quickly as possible there is a higher probability of mistakes. I rushed my AP preselect before I ran out of the door this morning so that nobody would have to wait on me while I drove to work. Since it caused such a big problem I will start taking more time to make sure my picks are correct.
  6. Huddle Mock #1

    Sorry, he is a good NFL back-up.
  7. Huddle Mock #1

    Correct, I would like the rookie in Minnesota, not the washed up backup in Chicago. Thanks for the catch.
  8. Huddle Mock #1

    I think Major Tom may have selected the wrong player in his pre-draft list.
  9. favre trade demand is real

    Alex Smith will make the Pro Bowl if he is traded to the '88 49ers and can throw to Rice and Taylor.
  10. *** NFL Draft Contest ***

    1. QB, Russell, LSU 2. WR Johnson, Georgia Tech 3. RB, Peterson, Oklahoma 4. DE, Adams, Clemson 5. OT, Thomas, Wisconsin 6. DT, Okoye, Louisville 7. S, Landry, LSU 8. DT, Branch, Michigan 9.QB, Quinn, Notre Dame 10. OT, Brown, Penn St 11. LB, Willis, Mississippi 12. CB, Hall, Michigan 13. DE, Anderson, Arkansas 14. DE, Carriker, Nebraska 15. LB, Beason, Miami
  11. virginia tech shooting

    I think all of these can be mitigated by good parenting. I am around lots of kids and lead many kid's organizations and what I typically see from the bad behaving kids is that the parents don't put forth the effort to hold the kids accountable. They simple do whatever is easiest to pacify their kid for that moment so that they are not inconvenienced. I've seen it this way for single parents, stay at home parents, and dual income parents. This is not meant to be an all inclusive statement, but it has been a regular observation of mine.
  12. Trying to put together a 3 city Roadtrip

    Week 17: Saturday, Dec. 29 New England at N.Y. Giants 8:15 pm Sunday, Dec. 30 Buffalo at Philadelphia 1:00 pm Kansas City at N.Y. Jets 8:15 pm
  13. Breaking News

    Donte' Stallworth: Questionable
  14. Everson Walls Giving a Kidney to Ron Springs

    ESPN did a story about this and it was awesome. It was a true feel good story and I hate the Cowboys.
  15. Furniture buying questions!

    Yes, I live in NC right in the heart of furniture country. You can go to the Hickory Furniture Mart ( and pick out what you want. They have all of the major manufactures. Get the manufacturer and product number and there are literally dozens of outlets in the area that can order or may even have it in stock at a much lower price.