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  1. What I need to get a Win tonight...

    Rudi and marvin to combine for 33. so far at the half they've got 22!
  2. What do you need tonight?

    "I'm down 33 with Rudi and Marvin going today -- not TOO disappointed with my chances, but not too confident either." I'm in exactly the same position! i'm down 61-28. i had gore last week and felt pretty good and the kitna, d henderson, colson, longwell and miami went in the tank and gave me only 14 more points yesterday. as i type this it's the half and i've gained 22 pts. i'm hopeing the 2nd half is a shootout!!
  3. WDIS at WR

    Stallworth is risky as a start. That hammy scares me. I'm benching him this week for Colston who I know will start and have receptions. Braylon is the choice (GO BLUE!).
  4. I need two WRs and one TE. Colston can go either way in my league. i've penciled in Harrison, Colston (WR) and Winslow so far. Any ideas? I also have Stallworth (too risky), Berrien and RWilliams.
  5. Frank Gore.......

    i got gore in the fourth round and stallworth in the seventh. i've started them both weeks over mcgahee and rwilliams. i'm feelin kinda smart
  6. RB help please

    MBell and Willis.
  7. McGahee or Gore? wdis

    Thanks. i was pretty happy to get gore as my 3rd rb and stallworth as my 3rd wr.
  8. McGahee or Gore? wdis

    guess i just trust my first hunch. gore has a greta matchup at home and could go very big. i do think willis is gonna have a good season and i'll just have to be patient.
  9. I think Gore might be the real deal and has a better matchup. On the other hand, I took Willis with my second pick because I think this could be a breakout year, and this is a big game. Right now I've got Gore in the slot. Bulger/Grossman RJohnson, McGahee,Gore,Buchalter,Davenport Harrison,Stallworth,RWilliams,Gabriel,Colston Winslow longwell SD,Jax
  10. Final Tally

    4-0 in my yahoo leagues (one of which is all old friends of mine). i had gore in three and stallworth in all 4. they were all live drafts.
  11. Chargers

    yeah, me too. Why would denver get those games instead of one of the biggest of the year? I won my SB with brees, LT, Gates and kaeding starting. I benced the SD Def.
  12. Losers

    DITTO! Picked him off the wire last week and started him over Griese Lost 91-93.

    Won one league SB 77-65 due to my SD connection (Brees, LT, Gates and Kaeding) Lost one 91-93 on a team I started Volek. I'm down 53-60 in my last SB with only LJSmith alive tonite. My Opp is finished, so there is a slight chance. It really was a fun season, with all my SB teams starting very slow and finishing on fire.

    well i'm now down 60-53 with LSmith, TE PHIL left to play in my second league and up 89-82 in the other with my players done and suggs and mcmichael left for my opp. Does not look good in either of these.