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  1. Irish! So I initially offered Taylor for Chase and Montgomery. Then changed my mind and offered Taylor for McCaffrey and Diontae. Guy said no to McCaffrey and Diontae, but said that he did think about the Taylor for Chase and Montgomery deal. I told him to think about the first offer. Think I shot myself in the foot in this one. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  2. Okay Irish, you can tell it took a while for me to write this out! Here's the situation: I'm 6-4 in 3rd place in a 12 team PPR league with 6 playoff spots. Playoffs start Week 15. Here's my team: Kyler, Taylor, Darrel, Lamb, Bateman, Van (lost Woods for the year), Kelce, Crowder, Toney, Javonte, Jones Jr., Jeff Wilson, and Eno Benjamin. I need receiver help and RB help BADLY for the playoff push and am willing to put Taylor on the trade block. Here are the current standings in my league, I'm listing notable players only. 1st place at 7-3: Zeke, Keenan, Thielen, Kupp, Jeudy, Patterson, Sony, Higbee, Beasley, Hines, and Carson 2nd place at 7-3: AJ Brown, Fournette, Robinson, Godwin, Corey Davis, Zac Moss, Foreman and Henry on IR Me in 3rd place at 6-4. 4th place at 6-4: Dillon, Pollard, Pittman, Kamara, Mixon, ARob, Claypool, Cooks, Mike Davis, and Lockett 5th place at 6-4: Ekeler, Jacobs, Moore, Waddle, Waller, Devonta Smith, Aiyuk 6th place at 5-5: Rhamondre, Ingram, Tyreek, Davante, Pitts, Renfrow, Golladay, Edmonds 7th place at 5-5: Najee, Gaskin, Mike Williams, Evans, Diggs, Sutton, Gallup, Miles Sanders 8th place at 5-5: Cook, Damien, Clyde, DK, Deebo, Meyers, Mattison, Freeman, Murray 9th at 4-6: Hollywood, Terry,Amari, Hockenson, Melvin Gordon, Chubb, Gibson, Hunt, Tee Higgins, and Gesicki 10th at 4-6: Conner, McCaffrey, Jefferson, Diontae, Chase, Montgomery, Henderson, Emmanuel Sanders and Tim Patrick 11th at 4-6: Hopkins, Shepard, Swift, Barkley 12th at 1-9: Kittle, Aaron Jones, OBJ, Mitchell, Carter, Mooney, Moore, Singletary, Goedert, Ridley What should I do? I appreciate the help my man!
  3. I appreciate it brother, thank you! To give you more context, I'm in a 12 team PPR, I'm sitting in 3rd place at 6-4 with 6 playoff spots up for grabs. 1st and 2nd place are 7-3. The guys that you are suggesting are great! One team I'm looking at is 4-6. He's got McCaffrey, Conner, Henderson, Montgomery as his RBs and Jefferson, Diontae, and Jamarr as his top receivers. Since I have Taylor, I feel like it'd be highway robbery to give up Taylor to a guy who already is set at RB. McCaffrey AND Taylor? No thank you! I was originally thinking packaging Taylor and receiving Diontae and Montgomery in return.
  4. What's good Irish my man?? Enlisting your help for some trade advice. So I have JT as my RB1 who I feel besides Lamb and Kelce are my only trade pieces. My other RBs are Darrel, Javonte, Jeff Wilson, and Eno Benjamin. I'm hoping I can get a mid to low end RB1 and a high end WR2 if I were to trade JT. I need receiver help since lost Woods and replaced him with Van. My other receivers are Jones, Jr., Toney, Bateman, and Crowder. Kyler and Tannehill are my QBs. How do you suggest I play this out? Appreciate the help as always!
  5. My man Irish, what's happening brother? I need some lineup advice! Who do I start at the flex in my 12 team PPR league: Bateman, Javonte, or AP? Appreciate the help!
  6. What's good Irish? I know it's last minute, but who should I flex in my 12 team PPR: Crowder, Toney, Javonte Williams, AP or Bateman? If you don't get to this question soon, I understand! I appreciate the help anyway! Thank you sir!
  7. What's good Irish? Who do I start at the flex in my 12 team PPR: Toney, Robby Anderson, Javonte Williams or Jones Jr.? Appreciate the help as always!
  8. Hey guys! Quick question: do I drop Tannehill to pick up Lance? My other QB is Murray. I'm in a 12 team PPR league. Thanks!
  9. Irish, my man! Hope all is well and appreciate the fantasy advice always! I was able to get two of the top waiver wire adds by free agency late last week! I'm just trying to stay ahead of the curve by stocking up on handcuffs and value pieces. My RB1 situation is solid with Taylor, but with my other RBs I'm hoping I can get consistent RB2 production with some upside. Currently I'm in 6th place in the last playoff spot in our 12 team PPR league but I know there's a LONG way to go. So here's my my roster: QB: Murray, Tannehill RBs: Taylor, Dam. Williams, Dar. Williams, Jav. Williams, Wilson on IR, Bernard WRs: Woods, Lamb, Jones Jr, Toney, Crowder, Anderson, Bateman on IR TE: Kelce How should I play it this week? Thank you sir!
  10. Hey Irish! So I got some lineup decisions I need to make for my 12 team PPR league. Here is my team: Starters Murray Taylor Dam. Williams Lamb Woods Kelce M. Jones Jr. Bench Jav. Williams Darr. Williams Anderson Bernard Crowder Thoughts? Appreciate the help!
  11. Hey guys! So I got some lineup decisions I need to make for my 12 team PPR league. Here is my team: Starters Murray Taylor Dam. Williams Lamb Woods Kelce M. Jones Jr. Bench Jav. Williams Darr. Williams Anderson Bernard Crowder Thoughts? Appreciate the help!
  12. What's good bros? Do I start DJ Moore or Higgins as my flex? 12 team PPR. I got Cooper and AJ as my starting WRs. I also got Aiyuk and Juju on my bench. Thanks!
  13. What's up guys? So here's my team in a 12 team PPR league: Starters: Murray Taylor Javonte Williams Lamb Woods Kelce Anderson Bench: Marvin Jones Damien Williams Will Fuller Terrace Marshall David Johnson Phillip Lindsay Ryan Tannehill Should I make any changes? I see guys in the FA pool like Kmet and Cook who I think could have big days and I would move Anderson out of my flex. I sort of inherited this roster (I have some top IDPs like Devin White and Roquan Smith) so I'm working with what I got. Thanks!
  14. Hey brother! Looking to get some advice for my 12 team PPR league. Who do I start as my 2 WRs and flex: Parker, Lamb, Higgins, Pittman, Hines, or Lazard? I'm starting Drake and Bernard as my RBs. Moore has COVID-19, Gibson is out with turf toe and Mixon is on IR 😩. Your advice is much appreciated, sir!
  15. Reagor or Pittman???

    I own Pittman and I'm flexing him. I've had my eye on him for a while, back when he had very low ownership on Yahoo! at 9%. His schedule looks pretty good for him to at least be a WR3 with WR2 upside if Rivers throws more balls his way.