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  1. Dave Ramsey?

    I just completed his FPU course about 3-4 weeks ago. I for one think it is very worthwhile info. and would be happy to share more if anyone has specific questions.
  2. Looking ahead

    wow that was Brutal!!!
  3. Looking ahead

    Sorry VIG but I have Gtown in my Final4. Tenn. throwing up 121 today is a bit concerning for my Cavaliers, although I did feel that they played some of the best defense today than they have in a long time. Hopefully that carries over. I didn't see the game, was TN that good or was LBS that bad???
  4. Reynolds Rumbles Once Again.

    Silly me... for some reason I thought you paying homage to J.R. Reynolds for coming back to form and dropping 28 on the great danes today!
  5. The Selection Show Thread

    Can't really argue against your point, but none the less...we'll take it. I guess having your AD on the selection committee does help out after all. Hopefully we can right the ship at just the right time!
  6. The ACC Tournament Thread

    Congrats Billay on the Title! After that Dook game, I just felt that UNC pretty much owned the crown!
  7. The ACC Tournament Thread

    johnson is the last name. We need some post play something awful. Unfortunately UVA lived and died by their perimeter play this season. Tonite we DIED!
  8. The ACC Tournament Thread

    that's ball game congrats PD...Pack is now 12 -2 against UVA in the tourney
  9. The ACC Tournament Thread

    what a sloppy game thus far!
  10. Mortgage Companies Suck

    my take is that they probably offer this initially as a free service and then implement the fee later thinking that most schleps will just continue on with the draft and now they have magically profited $96 per participant. And another thing to remember is that by paying bi-weekly you are reducing the amount of "interest" you are paying on your mortgage, and "interest"="income" to the company, so they really don't want you pay off your mortgage early, they'd rather us all just continue to accept what they give us and not be informed consumers at all!
  11. The ACC Tournament Thread

    Hey PD...GOOOOOOO PACK!!!!!!!
  12. ACC Tourney

    I vote for Atlanta in 2009
  13. ACC Tourney

    I'll bet against that, and not because I hate VT. If UNC plays with the fire they played with yesterday, noone beats them in this tourney!! Plus VT won't make past the semis...IMO! GT beats WF and goes on to beat VT. GT is turning it up a notch at just the right time!
  14. ACC Hoops Final Weekend of Regular Season.

    Looks like the 2 seed for the Hoos. Get the winner between Dook (7) vs. Pack (10)...Might see ya on Friday PD!!!
  15. ACC Hoops Final Weekend of Regular Season.

    Thank you Clemson! One down, two to go!!!!!
  16. ACC Hoops Final Weekend of Regular Season.

    Same results for UVA as my preferred scenario, I just can bring myself to root for the Turkies!!!
  17. ACC Hoops Final Weekend of Regular Season.

    they don't scare me!
  18. ACC Hoops Final Weekend of Regular Season.

    Many thanks for the praise, and as I said earlier, this has been a great season. However, at some point I believe all UVA fans have got to stop with the "well we did better than anyone thought we would" attitude. If this program ever wants to get back into to the top tier of the conference (Consistently) then the complacency has got to go. I for one believe DL is a coach that can move us on upward! As for today, this is what I will be rooting for... I think the 3 seed is the best place for UVA to be right now. I would root for all upsets in hopes of getting the 1 seed. However, even if I thought that was possible, I wouldn't want to get he 1 seed that way, we don't deserve it losing to both WF and da'U
  19. ACC Hoops Final Weekend of Regular Season.

    this might help out!
  20. ACC Hoops Final Weekend of Regular Season.

    Given the debate on league history on the previuos page of this thread, I found this link interesting. 41 of the 53 tournament winners from North Carolina. State was really a 50's era team more than anything, and even though Dook has been King of the Hill for that last 15 years or so, they made a decent amount of noise in the 60's. Sadly, my Cav's have only one and it wasn't from the Sampson years.
  21. ACC Hoops Final Weekend of Regular Season.

    I don't think it begins and ends with Tobacco Rd, I believe it is ANY Road. extremely poor effort and lack of focus with a chance to secure the #1 seed. for that matter, we don't deserve it anyway since we can't beat Miami or Wake. Amazing! I say again, typical me up and then tear me down. However, even with the dissappointment today, if anyone told me they would have a first round bye and a 4 seed going into the ACC Tourney at the beginning of the season, I would've bet against that! No one thought they would have this type of season. I like what DL is doing with the program and hopefully it's only an upward climb. Regardless of how UVA does or doesn't in next weeks tourney, it is shaping up to be one of the best in a while......WIDE OPEN.
  22. 401k - pre-tax or post-tax

    I would ask, If you are currently contributing to your 401k Pre tax, does that not have an effect on the fact that you at the 1% level. Maybe I'm not understanding your question, but if you have money that you can put in "after tax" I would not put into an account (your 401k) that you will have to pay taxes on the amounts when you withdraw them. I would instead contribute after tax funds to a Roth IRA and when you withdraw funds down the road it will be "TAX FREE"
  23. ACC Hoops - Week 9

    So we can hold onto that 18 point lead like we should have the first go round!
  24. ACC Hoops - Week 8

    TRU as much as I loathe VT, I will drink to that. It'd be nice to see some hoops wars evolve taking a bit of the attention of that silly state below us! That is of course if UVA was the winner of said wars! March 1st is indeed HUGH!!!!!
  25. ACC Hoops - Week 8

    Same thing could've and probably was said about Miami! With UVA nothing is ever a sure thing!