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  1. One song

  2. One song

    Somebody That I Used To Know - Elliott Smith
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  12. Party this summer!

    I work at one of Amazon's corporate offices in Tempe. I don't make a living off of Hot Wheels. It's a hobby but since this is driving distance and the dude gave me a free ticket, I figured I'd try to downsize some today. I'm flying down to Charlotte at the end of the month for the big one, The Nationals. Have only missed 2 or 3 since 2003. Won't be selling there, just a buyer
  13. One song

    Nebraska - moe.
  14. Party this summer!

    I'm driving to Vegas tomorrow morning for a 1 day-er at a Hot Wheels/Diecast convention at the Plaza hotel. Hope to sell enough to cover the cost of the room and gas, lol
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    Bad Boy For Life - P Diddy
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    Nutmeg - Ghostface Killah