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  1. Watson or Cousins?

    Any other thoughts?
  2. Gronk or Andrews?

  3. Watson or Cousins?

    Just thinking Watson is going to be limited with options in cold Chicago, while minn will be playing behind
  4. TB or SF?

    Wdis @ DST: TB or SF?
  5. Watson or Cousins?

    Any other thoughts? Watson ( no cooks today) or cousins?
  6. Watson or Cousins?

    Bump with cooks out, do I roll with cousins?
  7. Gronk or Andrews?

    Wdis between gronk or Andrews?
  8. Watson or Cousins?

    Wdis between Watson and cousins? thanks
  9. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    My one hit wonder would be 2009 Chris Johnson.
  10. Available Bench slot....who to grab?

    You think TB will finish strong? They give up points
  11. So I have 1, maybe 2, available bench slots due to injury. Of the following, who should I consider grabbing: Pollard (currently starting Zeke) CLE DST (planning for the next 2 weeks if I make it that far) Edmonds (I dropped him last week, but has gone unclaimed) TB DST (recently dropped) Thoughts?
  12. Zeke or Akers?

    I am going to be sick if I lose because of this. I had Woods last night, that I also could have easily swapped with Akers. I swear I will never draft Woods again as he is always up and down.
  13. Zeke or Akers?

    Well if I can win this week at least I can count on Akers the following against jets.
  14. Zeke or Akers?

    Went with zeke and Akers is going off