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  1. possible Mixon trade

    Does the following trade improve my team: I get: Mixon I give: Sanders and Pollard Thoughts? 10 Team .5 PPR yardage league QB: Murray, Hurts RB: Henry, Sanders, Jacobs, L. Murray, Pollard, Wilson WR: Ridley, Lockett, Sutton, Chase, Ro. Moore TE: Thomas, Fant K: Butker DT/ST: (weekly stream) Starting Requirements: 1QB / 2RB / 2WR / 1 Flex RB/WR / 1 TE / K / DT/ST
  2. WDIS @ Flex

    WDIS this week at Flex: Sutton vs NYJ Chase vs Pitt Ro. Moore vs JAX Thanks,
  3. Kirk, Moore, or both?

    Currently sitting with Kirk on my bench. Who is the better we to keep between Kirk and Moore? Or should I attempt to stash both?
  4. Jacobs OUT, now what?

    Singletary was picked up by someone else.guess I will roll with chase. looks like Wilson is wasting a spot. If I didn’t have to wait 5 for weeks I would hold him. Chances someone else grabs him in our league are slim so I could get him next week. thoughts?
  5. Jacobs OUT, now what?

    Just updated roster. Pollard also is on my bench
  6. Jacobs OUT, now what?

    My bad, I dropped him for Wilson. Just forgot to update signature
  7. Jacobs OUT, now what?

    If I had a Johnson to drop that may be an option. It basically comes down to plugging in Chase and do I hold onto Wilson or drop him for singletary.
  8. Jacobs OUT, now what?

    Best available: Singletary Hyde Patterson Dallas
  9. Jacobs OUT, now what?

    Part1) So with Jacobs ruled out, which of the following players to put in at flex: Chase Kirk Sutton Murray Part 2) I picked up Jeff Wilson and placed him in my IR slot early in the week. With Jacobs out, do I drop Wilson in favor of Jacobs and then pick up another player? Thoughts?
  10. Which rb/wr combo wound you rather have: taylor and kupp or henry and sutton thanks
  11. Need to choose: Thomas or Fant?
  12. TE WDIS?

    Any other thoughts out there?
  13. Initially, the Kelce owner approached me to start the trade talks involving Kelce and Henry. That talk has gone away. New talks have been on going. The current offer is on the table: I Get: Waller I give: Jacobs and Fant (or Thomas) Thoughts?
  14. TE WDIS?

    WDIS this week at TE: Fant vs JAX or Thomas vs NYG Thanks