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  1. What do you need Tuesday Night?

    I still need Penny to score 28 points (130 yards and 2 td's)
  2. Desperation Time

    Maybe Swain with Lockett probably out
  3. Penny vs Sony?

    IN the event Henderson does not play for some odd reason, do I still go Penny over Michel?
  4. Penny for 130 and 2 TD’s????

    If Sea gets a lead, who knows
  5. Is 130 yards and 2tds asking too much out of Penny tonight? need this to pull off upset win over the number 1 seed. thoughts?
  6. So what do you need on M/T NF

    I have Penny left to play and down 28 points (130 yards, 2 TD's)
  7. Does this make any sense?

    What about Peoples Jones?
  8. Penny vs Sony?

    Down 28 points after a very brutal week. Do I roll roll with Penny or Sony? Any new information on Henderson? Thanks,
  9. Yeah I am just hoping they feed him the ball or breaks one. Conner put up 29 points last week versus the Rams so hoping Penny is fresh and can play for a contract.
  10. Worst week ever thanks to Murray, Conner, Stevenson and Chase. Not to mention losing Godwin after having a decent night. I am down 28 points and still have Penny or Michel left. Can either have another big night?
  11. Last chance wdis

    Everett or Schultz at TE?
  12. TE: Kmet, Schultz, or Everett?

    I am so torn on this one. Feel like I need to take chance with Everett if Lockett is out. Schultz has not done anything in 4 weeks. any other thoughts
  13. Wdis at TE: Kmet, Schultz, or Everett?