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  1. 2022 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    In both
  2. Huddle in Decline

    I find it funny that the OP only has 1 post (this one) and just joined today ??
  3. 2021 NFL win total predictions

    Bengals over 6.5 looks like a good bet
  4. Best Week One Matchup

    Come on now you know it has to be H8Tank
  5. Yep, plus with Hill you have a backup QB / RB / TE / WR , he is like a swiss army knife
  6. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    I'm in for 8
  7. Week 16 chat

    Is Ertz even playing ? can’t watch the game but has a zero
  8. No only teams in the playoffs can do any type of add drops
  9. Ravens vs Browns (MNF)

    Just went to check stats MFL on iPhone and it says scores/stats not available until start of the season edit To add, now it seems to be working, I had 4 owners calling me because scores are close and stats weren’t showing 😂
  10. OG Check-In

    Who was it (I'm thinking it was Steeltown Dre ?) that used to do the Gamblers Anonymous threads ? Or it could of been Swammi
  11. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    Randall Cunningham 1998 or Marques Colston because he was listed for the 2 years in our league as a TE
  12. OG Check-In

    I rate this thread .068541589
  13. Who's your personal FF MVP?

  14. Peterson & Gore

    As an old man myself I’m so impressed with players like Peterson & Gore that are still doing what they do.
  15. D Cook needed medical attention.

    They showed him jogging on the sideline