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  1. Late Late Round Sleepers

    haha oh okay the start of this was me giving out Phillips as a late round sleeper when I misread the subject line ( Redrafts)
  2. Late Late Round Sleepers

    Well I actually did find he was drafted in other rookie only leagues but his ADP was 56 and in a 12 team 4 round draft we only have 48 total picks
  3. Late Late Round Sleepers

    No I mean 4.09 in many other drafts he was not taken at all, show me just one other draft he was picked it 4.09 45 Must of been Drunk Philips, Kyle TEN WR (R) Mon Jun 6 10:46:28 a.m. PT 2022
  4. Late Late Round Sleepers

    I drafted him @ 4.09 in a 4 round rookie only draft (Dynasty league) where I can put him on my taxi squad for up to two years before I must activate or drop
  5. Late Late Round Sleepers

    EXPERT NOTE I'm disappointed to report that I acquired zero of Titans wide receiver, Kyle Philips, in my rookie drafts. First, he was taken one spot before me by FantasyPros' own Pat Fitzmaurice after I waxed poetic about him on Pat's Fitz on Fantasy podcast. Then he got swept up right before my pick in another dynasty rookie draft.I believe he has some sneaky Hunter Renfrow-like slot skill that most will overlook, but NFL teams like the Titans will love.Philips commanded a 30 percent target share in 2021 at UCLA and could potentially become a top underneath option for Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee. Andrew Erickson - FantasyPros - 4 weeks ago Fantasy Impact: After the Titans traded A.J. Brown on Thursday and released Julio Jones early this offseason, Philips could earn targets early in his rookie season. He is a late-round target in rookie drafts, especially in PPR scoring. Plus this from Steve Smith
  6. Late Late Round Sleepers

    Philips, Kyle TEN WR (R) Edit to add: misread the redraft part, was thinking keeper
  7. Treylon Burks

    With his weight & conditioning concerns how far do you think he will drop in Dynasty rookie only drafts Late 1st round, maybe early 2nd round ?
  8. Marion Barber III. Ex- Cowboy, found dead

    way way too young
  9. Treylon Burks

    He just went 1.06 in another league I'm in, here is the 1st round 1.01 1 Cornfins Hall, Breece NYJ RB (R) Wed Jun 1 8:38:18 a.m. PT 2022 - [Pick made by Commissioner.] 1.02 2 Six to Midnight London, Drake ATL WR (R) Wed Jun 1 8:38:42 a.m. PT 2022 24 seconds [Pick made by Commissioner.] 1.03 3 M&M Boys Walker III, Kenneth SEA RB (R) Wed Jun 1 8:39:02 a.m. PT 2022 20 seconds [Pick made by Commissioner.] 1.04 4 Hurricane Ditka Wilson, Garrett NYJ WR (R) Wed Jun 1 8:39:25 a.m. PT 2022 23 seconds [Pick made by Commissioner.] 1.05 5 Catoe Villa Bush Fest 1990 Olave, Chris NOS WR (R) Wed Jun 1 8:39:46 a.m. PT 2022 21 seconds [Pick made by Commissioner.] 1.06 6 In A Rush To Wait Burks, Treylon TEN WR (R) Wed Jun 1 2:27:13 p.m. PT 2022 5 hours 1.07 7 Let's Go Brandon Williams, Jameson DET WR (R) (Q) Wed Jun 1 3:12:22 p.m. PT 2022 45 minutes 1.08 8 Let's Go Brandon Moore, Skyy KCC WR (R) (Q) Wed Jun 1 3:13:42 p.m. PT 2022 1 minute [Pick traded from The Knights.] 1.09 9 Must of been Drunk Watson, Christian GBP WR (R) Wed Jun 1 3:13:42 p.m. PT 2022 - [Pick made from Pre-Draft List] Add Comment 1.10 10 Cornfins Cook, James BUF RB (R) Wed Jun 1 4:01:31 p.m. PT 2022 47 minutes [Pick traded from Leroy's Aces.] 1.11 11 In A Rush To Wait Pickens, George PIT WR (R) Thu Jun 2 6:53:00 a.m. PT 2022 14 hours [Pick traded from Shiver Me Timbers.] 1.12 12 MEGADICK Dotson, Jahan WAS WR (R) Thu Jun 2 8:23:41 a.m. PT 2022 1 hour
  10. Treylon Burks

    Nope lol, our draft is at 1.08 now and he still hasn't been drafted
  11. Pro bowl

    Has there ever been a FG attempt in the the Pro Bowl ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Bengals vs Rams (Superbowl)

    I'm rooting for the Bengals but I may need to hedge this bet ? SUPER BOWL WINNER? [4007] CINCINNATI BENGALS +9000 25.00 / 2250.00 2021-2022 NFL COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR [7102] JOE BURROW +500 20.00 / 100.00
  13. 2022 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    In both
  14. Huddle in Decline

    I find it funny that the OP only has 1 post (this one) and just joined today ??
  15. 2021 NFL win total predictions

    Bengals over 6.5 looks like a good bet
  16. Best Week One Matchup

    Come on now you know it has to be H8Tank
  17. Yep, plus with Hill you have a backup QB / RB / TE / WR , he is like a swiss army knife
  18. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    I'm in for 8
  19. Week 16 chat

    Is Ertz even playing ? canโ€™t watch the game but has a zero
  20. No only teams in the playoffs can do any type of add drops
  21. Ravens vs Browns (MNF)

    Just went to check stats MFL on iPhone and it says scores/stats not available until start of the season edit To add, now it seems to be working, I had 4 owners calling me because scores are close and stats werenโ€™t showing ๐Ÿ˜‚
  22. OG Check-In

    Who was it (I'm thinking it was Steeltown Dre ?) that used to do the Gamblers Anonymous threads ? Or it could of been Swammi
  23. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    Randall Cunningham 1998 or Marques Colston because he was listed for the 2 years in our league as a TE
  24. OG Check-In

    I rate this thread .068541589
  25. Who's your personal FF MVP?