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  1. Should I pick up M. Clayton off waiver?

    don't listen to Grits ,,, Peyton has ***y match ups the next 2 weeks
  2. Should I pick up M. Clayton off waiver?

    as a matter of fact i put a bid in for him allready won't know if i get him until friday i need someone to start with my other stud WR's JJ Stokes & Rice
  3. Should I pick up M. Clayton off waiver?

    are there any openings in your league for next year ? our league is so deep that Darius Watts is the most productive WR on the waivers.
  4. Keeper Value for Next Year

    Rivers & try to grab Simms if he is still available
  5. WDIS, need help for playoffs!

    Smith must be started
  6. I'm up by 26pts

    Blaylock 95yds 1td 2rec 18yds
  7. You guys are on your own ....

    thanks for the time you took to answer my post
  8. #3 WR

    need to start one of these as my #3 WR Patten, Morgan, Pinkston
  9. Testaverde or Volek?

    go Collins
  10. #3 WR

    i will allways answer someones post who answers mine ,,, i will check it now
  11. #3 WR

    thanks, and i answered your
  12. WDIS @RB..decisions, decisions

    Davis would be a stand out if you were getting 1pt per rec. he is still your best option
  13. What I hate about FFL

    my story is i drafted Barlow 1st in every league i'm in.
  14. Playoff Match-up

    very close - team B is a 7-1/2 pt favorite
  15. Edge or D. Davis?

    i agree with Grits - too bad i'm playing against DD this week
  16. To everyone on this board

    all i need is a win & 3 other teams to loose
  17. Tough RB start decision

    DD DD DD he is getting better every week
  18. Start Hasselbeck or Griese

    is Giese even playing this week ?
  19. WDIS

    i have a bad feeling about Ward ( just a gut feeling ) that he isn't going to do much from here on out
  20. Who to start?

  21. Is this cheating?

  22. Priest Holmes?

    I hope he is out for the season i have Blaylock, Kevin Jones & Barlow