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  1. USA Today Draft Rankings

    this years they all seem to pretty much agree across the board
  2. Reggie Bush

    trade asap you get AP & CJ2 0r Lynch
  3. Okay huddlers

    i like this idea , i will porpose weeks 14 - 16 conbind points total to deturmend 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place
  4. Okay huddlers

  5. Okay huddlers

    thanks for the input guys. my feelings are much the same. it looks like we are going to put it to a vote.
  6. Suppose he's Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Danielynn's daddy too? can't be it was confirmed today OJ is the daddy
  7. ESPN reporting Joe Horn is a Falcant

    here is a link
  8. Henry signs 5 year deal

    so what about White ? is he going to be the starter now in Tenn?
  9. Who will be ranked higher

    who will be ranked higher in maiden drafts this year. standard scoring ppr Colston or Norwood
  10. Who will be ranked higher

    thanks good info i should of said 14 team dynasty - RB's are premium
  11. Huddlers Love the Dolls!

    i have never been so turned on since the last time i dog sat for my neibors
  12. Raiders release Aaron Brooks

    are we talking about the same Davis that used a #1 pick on a PK ?
  13. Pick a single football performance you would

    catching the reception that gave Minny thier 1st SB win it could happen
  14. Bang Cartoons

    one of the best yet
  15. Bang Cartoons

    not one of thier best
  16. Players you'll avoid in '07

    Fred Lane does too many jumping jacks for me
  17. Next Year's Bears QB

    they have what they need already so crown thier arses

    well done guys
  19. Why IND loses the SB

    Colts put up 31pts now i have no clue as to how many point the bears can put up? but if it is less than 31 the Colts win
  20. office pool excel

    does anyone have a excel spreadsheet made up that can be e-mailed around to co-workers and friends for a superbowl pool - the old pick a square type. would much appriciate it.
  21. office pool excel

  22. Is Marty Gone?

    no he will not be and should be fired but he he was Mooch would replace him
  23. Superbowl Matchup ?

    NO 24 NE 20
  24. Pre-Season 20 Questions Contest so far

    say that again three times fast