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  1. Marino is Right!

    same thing everyone on every sight has been predicting
  2. Should the Eagles have punted ?

  3. Eagles/Saints Game Thread

  4. 2007 Draft

    Brady Quinn - Remember it's the Raiders !!!
  5. Ahman Green to the Giants?

    how far will that push Morency stock up ?
  6. Keeper League Trade

    You would downgrade from Alexander to Addai, disagree - i don't think that is a down grade at all i have Addai and would never give him up for SA
  7. Hanging Chad

    steelers made a mistake passing up on him in the draft if they had chad instead of slash they would have another ring
  8. Saints vs Eagles

    mine went for a boat ride
  9. Smackbowl Standings - Week One

    yes it is
  10. Saints vs Eagles

    i'll take the Saints
  11. TO was right

    i think you may be reaching just a bit ?
  12. Bobby Petrino - Louisville Head Coach

    this happened too quick ????????
  13. Does Coughlin get fired ?

    no reaction at all
  14. The Eagles are Cheaters!

    fast some one send him some cheese
  15. Smackbowl Standings - Day 1

    only eleven of us took cotchery ?
  16. who is KC's qb for the second half ?
  17. who is KC's qb for the second half ?

    who is KC's qb for the second half ?
  18. who is KC's qb for the second half ?

    Huard is my pick
  19. Chiefs getting manhandled

  20. Chiefs getting manhandled

    you are sheeting me - missed a 23 yarder
  21. Chiefs getting manhandled

    go KC
  22. Chiefs getting manhandled

    i still think it will end close 7pts or less
  23. This guy LOVES the Bears

    mom & dad must be proud
  24. Wild Card Weekend Gamblers (Anonymous) Thread

    i just took KC +7 Jets + 8-1/2