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  1. The Saints have already won

    thats great to hear
  2. ***** SMACK BOWL X *****

    saihts & chargers and its all mine
  3. HOU RB Domanick Davis (remember him?)...

    keep laughing but DD breaks all the records L T set this year no i'm not drunk just taking a lot of drugs
  4. Who's Bandwagon will you climb aboard?

    Brees & Rivers heads up in the bowl
  5. Tiki

    im just glad to see he is going through with it i traded him for Rudi the day he anounced this is a dynasty league
  6. LOL @ this mock draft

    Texans pass on Bush but will take AP what ever
  7. best team to lose a Super bowl?

    that team the jets beat in superbowl 3
  8. Am I an Idiot?

  9. The Fantasy University - 2007

    keep it going i enjoy reading my stupid post from last year frank Gore i say the same and it will all come in the 1st. 8 games after that he will be nursing injuries
  10. Big & Small

    he is a monster
  11. Playoff fantasy - Who's your top 5

    Brees & Rivers
  12. What the Coolest Name of Any of Your Fantasy Teams?

  13. What do you need...

    LJ Smith to get 14pts - no ppr
  14. NYJ running game

    nice call
  15. Madden 2008, who gets the curse?

    i say #85
  16. May want to avoid the Indy backfield this week

    no choice rudi & addai
  17. Cash Trades

    no way
  18. Your Second Team

    all i got was a delay of game
  19. Vick and Schaub together on the field illegal

    actualy i like that idea = more offensive scoring
  20. Going for Title.

    tough call - flip a coin then go with Caddy
  21. Garcia or Favre

    i would go with Favre tonight unless you get penalized big time for INT's
  22. WSIS at Flex (WR/RB)?

    Bell at home versus Denver ?????? go with moss
  23. Who to start? Furrey or the Caddy?

  24. Kinda funny now

  25. GB-Minny score?

    Vikes win by 9