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  1. Trade Shisha and River city reform

    Beirut Shisha gave up $5 blind bidding dollars River City Reform gave up Year 2021 Draft Pick 4.07; Year 2022 Round 8 Draft Pick from River City Reform
  2. AWARDED - RFA21 - Patrick, Tim WR - Beirut Shisha

    No match
  3. MATCHED - FRAN21 - Travis Kelce KCC TE (Beirut)

    Will match the 15 after trade with fireflies
  4. Trade Shisha and Fireflies

    Beirut Shisha will give up 4.11 and 2022 1&3 Fireflies will give up $30 and 2022 7th Will make transaction once site comes back up and Fireflies gets money from not matching diggs
  5. 2021 Rule Review Catch all Discussion

    I'm in favor of tford proposal and also any chance of increase in fees at least for next year like $10-20 more?
  6. 2021 Franchise Tag Declaration

    Beirut Shisha- Travis Kelce