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  1. New owner needed

    Hi everyone, I wanted to thank you for inviting me to this league several years ago, and I have enjoyed participating in these leagues and the dynasty format. I’m sorry to say, I’m no longer at a place in my life where I can commit the time to properly manage this team, and I am stepping away. I’m sorry for the short notice, and I wish you all the best personally and in fantasy football. Again, thanks. Ken
  2. New: taylor, tyrod - 1 gallup, Michael - 4 gesicki, mike - 4 uzomah, cj - 1 boswell, Chris - 1 koo, younghoo - 2 falcons, Atlanta - 2 Cuts (no contract implications): mariota, marcus samuels, jaylen coutee, keke reed, jordan butler, Hakeem Taxi: gainwell, kenneth Darden, jaelon rodgers, amari smith-Marsette, ihmir
  3. LLD 2021 Roster Moves

    Scaramanga drops: mariota, marcus samuels, jaylen coutee, keke reed, jordan butler, hakeem
  4. Please extend Godwin 3 more years for $45
  5. Trade: FROM FRANCHISE PLAYERS/PICKS TO FRANCHISE PLAYERS/PICKS EXPIRES Baron Samedi | Shaft Godwin, Chris TBB WR Scaramanga | KenB Carter, Michael NYJ RB Fri Jun 4 10:00 p.m. Comments: Shaft gives $15. This is what you were asking for.
  6. 2021 Season Paid

    Payment Receipt for transaction #0L4300BFCuY Your e-check receipt number is: 38sK52Qn Transaction type: e-check deposit Transaction Number: 0L4300BFCuY Your e-check transaction is pending for 3-4 business days. Once it clears the bank you will receive an e-mail notification and the payment will be applied to the league's balance. Ken Bogacki: $55.00 Balance Used: ($30.00) Total Payment: $25.00 Transaction date: 4/3/2021 Transaction performed by: kbogacki LeagueSafe is now updated to reflect your transaction. Press 'Continue' to be taken to your homepage, where you can view details about your account and your league. You will also be receiving a confirmation via e-mail. If you have any questions about your transaction, contact Customer Service.
  7. LLD 2020 Roster Moves

    Please drop Allen, Brandon QB CIN (CIR replacement)
  8. LLD 2020 Roster Moves

    Please place Jackson, Lamar QB BAL on CIR. Please add Allen, Brandon QB CIN as CIR replacement.