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  2. Week 15 Chat

    I had the exact same scenario. I have an 11 point cushion in a .5 ppr league for tomorrow now. I am assuming my season is done.
  3. Zeke is out!

    Zeke checked out weeks ago. *Disclaimer: Zeke owner who lost his playoff game last week because of that pathetic performance against the Bengals. I may still be slightly jaded about him.
  4. Ravens vs Browns (MNF)

    If Baker hadn’t thrown the INT earlier, that safety would have been the play that beat me. I’m ok losing because of the pick, I’d be livid losing because of that end of game clusterf***.
  5. Week 14 Chat

    If he stays benched, then he and Zeke cost me my playoff game this week.
  6. Week 14 Chat

    Is Kai Forbath still available?
  7. Myles Gaskin out with Covid-19

    He tested positive so he has to stay on the list a minimum of 10 days if I read that right.
  8. OG Check-In

    Still have a copy of it on my bookshelf. I’ve read it a few times, still has me laughing out loud in spots. Love that book!
  9. At least he’s not some kid who got called up from the practice squad and hadn’t played QB since his freshman year in college.
  10. Week 12 Chat

    So Howard is the preferred RB in Philly over Sanders now? :shakes head:
  11. Kenny Golladay

    In one of my leagues, we lock the rosters for the playoffs. I usually carry 2 kickers in the playoffs, and I was between dropping Gaskins or Golladay next week. With Gaskins now activated, I think the choice is pretty clear. However, if for some reason Golladay looks like he might play next week I may drop Tee Higgins instead. Either way, I’ll be set at that position with my core of Adams, Hill, and A. J. Brown.
  12. Jerry Burns

    That was awesome! Been a long time since I listened to that, I always loved Burnsie, thanks for sharing.
  13. The trade that lost my season

    A lot of times I find the best trades are the ones I didn’t make.
  14. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Jefferson TD
  15. Live Free or Die Hard

    Saw this movie a couple weeks ago and loved it. Of course I also enjoyed the other 3 as well. One of the funniest parts in the movie I thought (and only one other person in the theatre laughed at this as well) was when the FBI agent that was going to drive them to DHS introduced himself as Special Agent Johnson. You'd have to have seen the first movie and remember the relevance to get it, but I got a good laugh out of it.