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  1. Parise and Suter sign with Wild

    Was taking a stroll down memory lane and saw this thread. It was 10 years ago now, and the Wild are still paying them. Gotta love it.
  2. Bummed about Ryans, don’t give a rip about Harbaugh though. Glad it won’t be him. I’m ok with either O’Connell or Morris but it sounds like it will be O’ Connell.
  3. Rumor: Vikings massaging the idea of Watson?

    Well, Lake Minnetonka might be considered International Waters.
  4. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    I think LC already said something similar to this, but if you really want to change the OT rules for the playoffs, make it a hybrid of the NHL and NBA playoff overtimes. If the game is still tied after a full extra quarter, play another, and keep going until the score is no longer tied after the end of the extra session.
  5. Bengals vs Titans (Saturday)

    Titans have been doing themselves in all game. It’s only fitting.
  6. Bengals vs Titans (Saturday)

    Tennessee could be 2 first downs from winning this game by just running out the clock. But they had to stupidly go for 2 after their first TD. I just don’t get that.
  7. Bengals vs Titans (Saturday)

    That 3rd and 1 play was atrocious. Great play by the Bengals defense on 4th and 1.
  8. Bengals vs Titans (Saturday)

    Titans will lose this game because of poor tackling.
  9. Post your championship roster

    Standard performance scoring. Start QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, D/ST, 2 flex QB - Murray, Tua RB - Taylor, Freeman, Scott, Stevenson, Derrick Gore (cut JRob after his week 16 injury) WR - Adams, Patterson, Gabriel Davis, Waddle, Bateman TE - Pitts, Everett K - Zuerlein D/ST - NE Had Elijah Moore on IR. Made a trade to get Adams in week 9. That was the difference maker.
  10. Vikings vs Packers (SNF)

    Ehhhh, kinda, but I agree with the second part of your statement. The thing with Cousins is he isn’t really one of those “make something out of nothing” playmakers. Every now and then you’ll see a spark of potential greatness, but it never kindles into a full flame. In that sense he’s the perfect fit for the Vikings.
  11. Week 17 Chat

    IMO, this guy was given one last chance too many.
  12. Week 17 Chat

    It worked out, but only because of the penalty as Bier mentioned. The defense had kept the Chiefs offense in check the entire 2nd half, but I suppose the obligatory “prevent defense” would have still given Mahomes a chance at the end. Just because I guess.
  13. Week 17 Chat

    This KC/Cincy finish is infuriating. Kick the damn FG and play some defense. Is this the kind of crap that analytics suggests?
  14. Week 17 Chat

    Oh, I get it. Trouble is I feel like I went vanilla with my decisions, which is going to cost me. I had those other guys because I had a feeling, then I talked myself out of it. Overthinking this game usually ends up in disaster.
  15. Week 17 Chat

    Stupid moves that will likely cost me the championship. Cut Berrios, picked up and started G. Davis. Took Scott out of my lineup when I saw Howard was active, plugged in D. Freeman instead. and the worst one…….. Took out Bateman, plugged in Patterson.