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  1. What Do You Need Week 13 MNF

    8 points from Bass... Didn't realize the weather was supposed to be so crappy though. Not feeling good about it
  2. Which 3 RBs do I start..

    Pick 3 out of these please: Najee Harris Elijah Mitchell Mark Ingram Miles Sanders Myles Gaskin Full ppr
  3. Which crappy QB do I pickup

    Well someone just dropped Burrow. Would y’all take him over any of the others?
  4. Which crappy QB do I pickup

    I have Tannehill but he’s going against NE so feel like he’ll have a dud. I’m thinking Heinicke or Garoppolo..?
  5. Pickup Wilson Jr? Or anyone else

    I wish I could but he is locked since he played on Thursday. Definitely dropping him when I can though
  6. Wish I would have dropped Mike Davis but should I drop anyone else on my roster for Wilson or any of the other players available?10 team PPR my roster- players available-
  7. Do I start Kyle Pitts tonight?

    Yup not looking good for this week. Luckily I’m in first at 8-2 so a loss isn’t going to kill me
  8. Do I start Kyle Pitts tonight?

    Nope.. but my opponent did. She also has Folk so already has 42 points out of her defense and kicker 😂.
  9. Do I start Kyle Pitts tonight?

    I regret starting Pitts.. Falcons are trash
  10. Feel like NE will shut him down tonight. My other TE is fant who is on bye. I could drop fant and pickup Schultz, Conklin, or Knox. Or do I stick with Pitts
  11. Sorry but I feel like there have been players in the nfl that have done far worse than this and kept there jobs.. abusing women, sexual assault, child abuse just to name a few
  12. Tannehill has been OK but not great. Matt Ryan is available and I could see him having a big game against Dallas. Should I drop anyone to pick up Ryan? Bridgewater is also available..
  13. With Kamara out, WDIS?

    Ingram is the obvious choice I guess, but I like Mitchell a lot as well. Week has already started out bad with Gaskins..😒
  14. Who should I drop in case Kamara sits? I’m thinking Fant, Golladay, or Davis..