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  1. Start both CEH and Bell?

    Should I start Bell at flex? Or keep Parker in there? Or i could put slayton or Dobbins in as well. Also not real excited about starting Tyreek. Feel like the game will get out of hand fast and they won't be throwing the ball much
  2. I'm 6-1 but hate my team - need RB help

    What is a RB to target for Hill? I've tried to trade him before but no takers... maybe I was asking for too much
  3. I'm 6-1 but hate my team - need RB help

    Malcolm Brown, Burkhead, Murray, Pollard, Gallman
  4. With CMC coming back and Bell going to KC, I feel like my team is about to suck. Can't get anyone to trade anything. Would any of these RBs on the ww be an upgrade over White or Dobbins? Malcolm Brown, Burkhead, Murray, Pollard, Gallman
  5. Got an open roster spot. I also have James White I could drop for someone.. Who should I try and get off waivers. Or what order should I target these players? WR- Curtis Samuel, Corey Davis, ty Hilton, Nelson Agholor, Rashard Higgins RB- Hasty, Hyde, Malcolm Brown, Moss
  6. TE - Cook or Hurst

    Thanks. Is hooper worth keeping on my roster since he is having surgery? Or is he droppable
  7. TE - Cook or Hurst

    I have Hooper and Cook on my roster.. With Hooper out, should I play Jared Cook or drop Hooper and pickup Hayden Hurst off the ww
  8. Giants vs Eagles (TNF)

    Yeah I'm glad I started him...
  9. Who should I flex this week. I'm kinda worried about having both CEH and Bell in my lineups
  10. Dobbins worth a stash?

    I would drop Cam Akers for him. RBs on the waiver are thin. Could also drop akers for Jamaal Williams
  11. Lev Bell trade offer. Accept?

    Yeah you're right, couldn't make the trade for a RB so guess I'll decline the trade for Evans
  12. Lev Bell trade offer. Accept?

    What if I accept this and try and trade hill+white for chris carson?
  13. Lev Bell trade offer. Accept?

    That's what I was thinking.. maybe try and trade Tyreek Hill for a RB
  14. Was offered Mike Evans for Bell. Do I accept this? I feel like I have enough WRs but who knows how Bell will do. I have CEH as well -
  15. CEH, Bell, Hill owner. I feel like Bell going to KC just screwed my team. Should I try to trade one of them now? What could I get for either