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  1. FA - Mike Davis, RB, CAR

    Can we get that changed and him added to my lineup? I should have an open spot in my lineup to just slot him in.
  2. FA - Mike Davis, RB, CAR

    I see, Dalvin Cook is gone and he was at 2 years. So did you copy Drake over him?
  3. FA - Mike Davis, RB, CAR

    I'm also confused because there's now 2 Kenyan Drake entries for 3 years....
  4. FA - Mike Davis, RB, CAR

    Wouldn't James Washingtons year move from an active year to a penalty year? I was at 38 active and 1 penalty year before. His year shouldn't count as an active and penalty right? So Davis would be an active but Washington become penalty? So 38 active still but 2 penalty?
  5. FA - Mike Davis, RB, CAR

    1 year, start him, and Drop James Washington.
  6. 2 Credits Titsburgh Feelers
  7. I agree as well. When will Goedert hit my roster on the site?
  8. Rules are rules so it sucks, but I'm losing over half my credits to a rule that's never really been enforced before. May be a conversation for elsewhere but it doesn't seem to make sense to say it pertains to all roster acquisitions, RFAs you have until contract years are due to assign, same as draft picks. Trades, correct me if I'm wrong, you take what is left on their contract years at the time of the trade. Is there another instance other than FAs that this rule would pertain to? I would think a change to something like, if you don't assign the years within 24 or 48 hours, you can't use the player that week might make more sense for FAs. Or keep the rule for when the acquired player results in exceeding active players/cap years. Titsburgh Feelers
  9. FA Bid - Dallas Goedert

    2 years please.
  10. FA Bid - Dallas Goedert

    4 credits titsburgh feelers
  11. Titsburgh Feelers Goedert, Dallas TE, PHI 2 Credits
  12. 2020 dues tracking

    Paid via PayPal
  13. Titsburgh Feelers QBs Allen, Josh – (3) Herbert, Justin – (2) Wentz, Carson – 1 RBs Conner, James – 1 Cook, Dalvin – 2 Drake, Kenyan – (3) Pollard, Tony – 1 Montgomery, David – 3 WRs Beckham, Odell – 3 Brown, Marquise – 2 Ruggs, Henry III – (5) Chark, DJ – 2 Ridley, Calvin – 1 Washington, James – 1 Woods, Robert – 1 TEs Ertz, Zach – 1 Smith Jr., Irv – (2) Ks Mason Crosby – (1) D/ST Steelers DT - 1 Practice Squad Hill, K.J. Bowden, Lynn Cuts: Johnson, Duke - 1 Retired: n/a Injured Reserve: n/a Active Roster players - 19 IR Roster players - 0 COVID IR - 0 (not counted on Total active players) Total active players - 19 Existing contract years - 21 New contract years - 16 Total Penalty Years - 1 (Johnson) Total contract years - 37