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  1. Should he be welcomed back?

    Why feel bad for people who make stupid bets or make stupid declarations that they are leaving if their team doesn't win? It's par for the course with those two. Constantly talking bad about other conferences and then creating a post trying to solicit help from the owner of the site when things got too tough for them. They are not accountable for anything they wrote in the forum or how they fueled the fire. I am still giddy about how OU got completely dominated. Just as OU tried to bully USC by making idiotic statements about how they had the advantage and that Leinert was overrated as was the rest of the USC team. Sounds like the same bullying tactics that some OU fans used on these boards. Even Sgt. Ryan's pet monkey Lil10sareajoke or whatever his silly *** name was hasn't piped up once to give props to USC because he is full of $hit. I for one will enjoy the vacation away from hearing those blowhards. 2004 and 2005 OU teams will go down in history as the teams that couldn't take a punch when it counted. Bunch of big tough pansies.
  2. OU not mentally tough

    I think a mobile QB could have helped any team vs USC last night. Although that was the most dominating /balanced college performance I have ever seen. I don't think anyone would have stood in their way to the NC IMO. As for who that should have been is what is fundamentally wrong with the BCS.
  3. From ESPN: NORMAN, Okla. -- If Oklahoma defensive end Larry Birdine got a Heisman vote, it wouldn't have gone to Southern California quarterback Matt Leinart. Birdine made that known Tuesday in a series of statements that showed he wasn't all that impressed with the offense the No. 1 Trojans will bring into the Orange Bowl against the Sooners on Jan. 4. "I feel like they're, I'd say, a one-and-a-half man team," Birdine said. "I want to respect them just because I have to play them, but then I watch them on tape and everything, and I realize that they're an average team." Birdine repeatedly praised Reggie Bush, the Trojans' All-American all-purpose player who returns punts and lines up as a tailback and wide receiver for Southern Cal, but he had little positive to say about Bush's teammates on offense. "Besides Reggie Bush, he's a great athlete, he's a fast back, he makes plays or whatever, but nobody else stands out to me," Birdine said. "Matt Leinart, he's the Heisman Trophy winner, but he hasn't been driving them -- or he hasn't been winning games. Up 'til the last four or five games, Reggie Bush has been their difference-maker. "We feel like if we take Reggie out of the game, we're gonna win." Birdine said he didn't think Leinart should have won the Heisman Trophy, and he wasn't just cheerleading for teammates Adrian Peterson and Jason White, who finished second and third in the voting. "If anybody should have won it from USC, it should have been Reggie Bush," Birdine said. "I don't think that he was the best quarterback. [utah quarterback] Alex Smith, he was better than Matt Leinart. I don't think Matt Leinart should have won." Birdine later added: "He's definitely overrated. Like I said, he's a good quarterback, but he's not a Heisman-winning quarterback." Birdine said he realized he could be providing USC with bulletin-board material and said his opinions didn't necessarily reflect the mind-set of the team. "I don't know if that's the mood in the locker room," Birdine said. "I ask some guys and they say, 'they're good.' I haven't seen them on defense, but if our offense don't turn the ball over and their offense can't score, then I believe we're going to win the game." "From a defensive perspective, I haven't seen anything that just stood out besides Reggie Bush." Earlier, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops had far different comments about the Sooners' opponent. He called tailback LenDale White a "great, great player" and said the Trojans receivers were "very good; I'm going to say that about every position on their team that we go to." Asked about Leinart's positives and negatives, Stoops said the Trojans quarterback was "very wise and smart the way he plays and the way he's coached. He makes very few poor decisions. He's a great decision maker. He has a great arm, he's very accurate. He's got the poise you look for in the pocket. "The criticism: he's not a great option guy. He's got everything you look for and he's a guy we recruited hard." Birdine also judged that Oklahoma played more difficult competition in the Big 12 Conference than Southern California had faced in the Pacific 10, but most of his comments were directed toward the Trojans' offense. "We're not going to just say we've got to stop Reggie and let everybody else run free, but definitely if you take Reggie Bush out of the game, you're chances for winning are that much greater just because if you think about it they give him the ball running, they give him the ball on reverses, they give him the ball on passes," Birdine said. "Besides him, the only guy they throw the ball to is (Dwayne) Jarrett. If you take you take him out of the game, their options are obsolete." Wow, this guy is making it easy for USC to get up for this game. Got to love when the opposition speaks their mind before getting on the field. I am sure Stoops is happy about that. Keep up the talk OU.
  4. 54-10

    Out coached and completely out played. To think that sarge posted just yesterday that USC only has 2 players that could start at OU. Well, OU doens't have a single player or coach that could start for USC. What a thrashing...
  5. OU is a joke

    If he is man enough to show up and give props to USC then I will say he has class. Anything other than that is hollow.
  6. USC didn't "win" anything ...

    Exactly. PLAYOFF!
  7. Leinart deserves the Heisman

    He is certainly putting on a show for us tonight. He is certainly leaving USC after this performance. USC has another highly touted QB waiting and the number 1 QB prospect in high school (Mark Sanchez) coming in next year.
  8. Leinart deserves the Heisman

    Didn't you tell me that Leinart wasn't any good?
  9. 2 hours till the beat down starts

    White's receivers are falling all over the field. Another turnover!
  10. 2 hours till the beat down starts

    This game is far from over, but USC is torching that secondary. What on earth was White thinking with that pass? Leinart is showing why he is the Heisman winner. Allot of football left to play. OU has to answer now.
  11. Predictions for Auburn/VTech?

    I believe the refs are being paid to help USC win games. I wonder if this only pertains to Pac-10 refs, or has this conspiracy become national? Maybe the writers and coaches are being paid as well to vote for USC.
  12. Predictions for Auburn/VTech?

    What, are you a paying member of the USC ref paying association?
  13. Predictions for Auburn/VTech?

    I am giving them credit. I think they are the better team. I am just saying that Frank Beamer will have his guys pumped up for this. The Tech defense is very fast and tough.
  14. Predictions for Auburn/VTech?

    I think Va Tech will make a game of it, but not enough to win. 24-21 Auburn.
  15. interesting thread

    That is a hilarious thread. I guess Sarge forgot about how he was slobbing USC's knob last year. He never once mentioned that as he routinely said this year that USC did not deserve to share last year's championship. Oh well, he is a die hard OU fan. That is all he is.
  16. How bad will USC beat OU?

    I think they will. Cal looked totally unprepared against Tech. No excuses though. Cal did not belong on that field with them. Good day off. I am as well.
  17. How bad will USC beat OU?

    And USC will just lay down and die...I am surprised that they are even playing the game.
  18. How bad will USC beat OU?

    Texas is a better defense than USC? Really? Is that just your PAC 10 hating self talking or do you have some facts to back up that claim? Was Chad Henne the best QB that Texas faced this year? Sure appeared that way. Michigan scored at will on them. Not even your OU team did that.
  19. How bad will USC beat OU?

    Well one thing is for sure, you Big 12 folks don't give any respect to USC. I will go out on a limb and say that you gave LSU as much respect prior to the Sugar Bowl last year. It's funny really.
  20. How bad will USC beat OU?

    I think that the game will be much closer than that. I will say 31-28 with USC winning the game. This game comes down to how the USC defense wishes to attack the OU offense. Pick your poison. I believe that USC will play to stop Peterson. The poison will be Jason White looking at single coverage on the outside. USC will give up some big plays with this strategy, but I don't see how they can let Peterson romp all over them though. Playing to stop Peterson at least gives the USC defensive line a chance to get to White. Peterson is the best player in college football, but teams can design defenses to minimize his gains. OU will play to defend Bush. I think they certainly have the personnel to negate his RB duties. Bush is one of the best players in college football, but he is the most difficult to stop. He plays too many other positions. He presents too many challenges.
  21. What Sooner fans know, others do not

    I agree polksalet, Dan Cody is the guy that USC needs to worry about. His non stop motor is what disrupts everything. This defense has allot of speed. I am guessing that they will need to invite Cody in and throw screens at him to negate the advantage. I am sure this guy is keeping Chow up at night. We will see Tuesday night. Should be a great game.
  22. Iowa!

    Unbelievable last play to beat LSU. Best game of the day by far. Another big win for the Big 10!
  23. The GRAND DADDY of 'em all

    Except that USC is going to beat OU.