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  1. QB's 5 thru 15

    bulger, kitna, mcnabb, leinart, hassel, smith, eli, campbell, young, green this order sounds better to me.
  2. which qb

    I like Brady this year. tons of options and they will be hungry to get back to the super bowl this year. he will have something to prove. Please see my post, thanks.
  3. pick one keeper

    i think maroney is gonna be an absolute stud this year. the patriots are gonna be so balanced this year its scary. they added what they needed for the passing game and D's will be afraid of being burned by the pass so much they will have to take the chance that the 2nd year RB cant hurt them. i think he will. and a lot. Bellichik will love being able to run that ball at will and having a nice young RB will mean TONS of carries for Maroney. Please see my post, thanks.
  4. Keeper league trade

    sounds like a great deal. im a fan of being down in the draft order just like it sounds you are. i think you made a smart move. you have the better rookie now, and you're in a good spot to get more depth added on to your team. definately try to get westbrook or parker if they are still there with your #7 pick. Please see my post, thanks.
  5. Thanks for the help! I will do my best to respond to your posts!
  6. this is a crazy thought but would you do this

    Jones and Henry is way to go for sure, please see my post, thanks.
  7. Pick a QB and 2 WRs

    I got a couple decisions to make this week....... At QB choose between Delhomme (Questionable) Garcia (will he produce again?) Kitna (Vikes that bad?) Harrington (long shot) Bulger (playing deadly Bears D) At WR, pick 2 Boldin A Johnson D Henderson Thanks for the help!
  8. WDIS @ WR's for playoffs...help ASAP

    something tells me that NO has been saving Colston for this game, but you cant be too sure on that, I know. i think coles is your other option considering buffalo will see what the jets did running the ball last week and try to stop that and leave coles in single coverage. please see my post, thanks
  9. V Young Or Manning?

    always start your studs, nuff said. please see my post, thanks
  10. Which RB? KJ or Addai?

    Addai has more upside. KJ is is on an aweful team. please see my post, thanks.
  11. WDIS @ QB 4 choices need 2

    I would go Brady, been solid lately, and I think your dark horse is Garrard, if you get points for rushing, cuz the Indy run D sucks. But if you dont, then start Garcia, he should have more TDs. Please see my post. thanks
  12. Flex Positions, WDIS?

    I have these 6 players to choose from, and 4 spots to fill for my playoff lineup this week. Driver vs SF A Johnson vs Tenn Boldin vs SEA D Henderson vs DAL C Taylor vs DET Gore vs GB So to make this easy , pick the 2 you would NOT start. It could go either way with all of these players I'm thinking, what's everyone's thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  13. can I really bench FWP

    Always play with your Willie!!! Don't bench him, he's not a benchable player. Nuff said. Please see my post, thanks.
  14. Traded Westbrook and Eli for Peyton

    Peyton will play. SD is right on their heels and they have some tougher games down the stretch and might lose another, prompting Peyton to play. Plus the Colts tried the whole coast into the playoffs thing last year. Didn't work so well did it? Eli sucks right now, I'd get the stud QB. Please see my post, thanks.
  15. WDIS

    Hasselbeck if he plays for sure, and stay away from the Denver backfield. Please see my post, thanks.