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  1. champ or playing for championship...

    See below, been pretty obvious all season, I've been winning with smoke and mirrors. My only real call for the last 4 weeks has been Branch or Caldwell. This week its Branch. Good Luck to all, and happy holidays.
  2. T Bell T Ownens T Jones
  3. Week 8 Random Thoughts from Hugh One

    My day until I read through your chain of posts. Brought a smile to my face. Thanks
  4. Do it if you can, I'll bet he's not as hot to trot now that T Bell has been named clear no 1.
  5. Trade offer help please

    Don't wait around. Morris isn't worth much unless SA goes down for the better part of the season. Match-ups for next 3-4 weeks are not particularly enticing. Favre is staying put, take Driver.
  6. Really only see this as two way horse race between Branch and Williams. Jax will probably have to throw a lot (they do whether they need to or not), but Indy is a tough place to have to throw due to crowd noise, but Williams more likely to be target on the short to mid range routes and Freeny is out. Branch has a ton of talent and I'm not sure that Holmgren would have activated him early (Seahawks had a 2 week roster exemption from NFL) and taken the roster hit if he didn't plan on using him, plus Seattle is playing at home and Branch should be somewhat of crowd favorite. Thoughts?????
  7. Too Early to start Branch?

    Any alternative thoughts?
  8. D. Branch vs. T. Williamson

    Not sure that Branch is going to light things up, but Williamson is going to get pummelled and with an already sore shoulder, don't count on him for much more than 40-50 yds and no scores.
  9. WDIS - Warner or Palmer

    Like Warner at home. Pitts doesn't have much of an offense right now, I'm not confident that Big Ben will make monumental strides this short week. Think the game will be low scoring and that Cinn will try to control tempo and not get behind. Although there has to be some concern regarding the offensive line of Arz, they are getting one of their starting gaurds back who was hurt for the Seattle game, should be enough to give Warner time to throw, also think they may be able to run some this week on Stl, opening up the passing game.
  10. Drop Reggie Brown for Antonio Bryant?

  11. Commissioners, your input please

    G & S, I didn't bother to read all your responses, therefore this might just be rehashing old sh%&t, but if someone didn't bring it up in prior years then bye gones be bye gones. For the current year, you have to update the system or go the democratic process and let all other teams (not teams involved) vote on the resolution. Be strong and good luck, any sh$%&t and and let them find someone else to take the thankless job (I've been the Commish for 4 straight years noone else will take the job).
  12. Trade J.Lewis, Branch and Gates

    NO..NO.. NO..NO You don't need Vick, he is always a fast start but watch out. Dunn is taking too big a pounding this early in season. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dunn go down around week 7 or so. Bulger is in a new offense, and should get better as the season wears on. Branch is such an unkown quantity in Seattle, its hard to tell. Just going on the praise of Brady and his NE team mates the guy is the nuts. I would give him a chance to become a no 1 or solid no 2, unless you are in dire straits. Gates should improve as SD plays some tougher competition. Lewis will be the equal of McCallister push here.
  13. Offer on table

    Fair deal, in fact I think you are getting better up-side in the deal. K Jones will never be a stud, but I think he'll be every bit as good as Droughs and probably better. Muhammed and Evans are a push. I like Jones upside in this deal.
  14. Somewhat of a risky trade, but hell this ain't life or death here. On the one hand, Cons: P Manning is about as sure a thing as there is at QB, he will likely throw for more 300 yard games than any other QB over a full season. He plays in a dome, he gets the Texans, Titans twice a year, but has to go up against Jacksonville (this weekdend) surely bonus points passing galore. TO, possible the biggest A-hole in football (a-hole bryant starting stiff from behind) but possibly the best damn WR stat wise in the league, but out for at least 3 weeks from a productivity stand point. Alexander is not the Alexander of past seasons, whether it is the o-line, his aching foot, or what the hell. He is not going to put up the same numbers that he has in the past. Plaxico Burress, nothing really I can say bad about him, he'll be hit or miss the entire season. But, will undoubtedly put up numbers better than last year. Pros: If TO is TO, Bledsoe will benefit from his presence and having Glenn doesn't hurt. Be very watchful, of Romo under this scenario. A Smith is a sleeper, the SF offense is alot better than most give them credit. SF spent all its wade on protecting its franchise dude (Smith) they gave him better protection and with Gore he won't be required to carry the entire load. Plus their D sucks, hence, Smith will not often be handing off for the last 20 minutes of the second half. They will have to fight for every win, not preserving leads. Plus, I think that they will get better as the season wears on. Alexander at 80-90% of prior years is still a top 10 RB , with Gore you will probably have 2 of 10 RB, not a bad deal. Plus Alexander has much easier schedule than either LJ or LT2. Just look at last year for Burress and add 5% or so and there you have it. Long, but not short of it is, tough to give up Manning and TO, but in a 12 team league, getting 3 quality starters is nothing to sneeze at. This is a toss up type deal, but with the questions surronding TO. I would make this deal, and hope that by the end of this year Bledsoe isn't even starting for you. Good Luck
  15. Trade? S. Alexander for Westbrook and Holt

    offer up Ward or Moss rather than Holt. Otherwise, stand pat. Alexander has some issues right now (foot and offensive line) and is not 100% I don't think he will put up even 90% of the numbers he put up last year. Still no doubt a top 5 RB with more durability than Westbrook, but Alexander may not outperform Westbrook when Westy is healthy. If you give up Holt you need a reasonable replacement receiver in return. Not sure who is avaialble from other team but, must be someone serviceable as no 2 or 3.
  16. Branch Trade offer

    Hang tight with Branch. He has gotten nothing but praise from those who have played with him in the past. He has gone to a situation that has always been volitile with respect to WR (particularly when it came to holding on to the ball) He is the only real threat on Seahawks when it comes to YAC completions as D Jax is more of a long ball threat. I think there is every reason to be optimistic that Branch could turn into a bona fide #1 for Seahawks. You shouldn't pass up that potential for the minimal production you are being offered. He will be worth more in 2 weeks than he is now.
  17. Pickup Moss?

    Of course, Oak has been terrible. But, they have played no1 and no2 ffl defenses. I expect that Moss will have his games against softer defenses. He just won't be an every week play. Besides, I expect that Oak will get better as the season goes along. Hell, they can't get any worse.
  18. Who should I drop for Cotchery?

    Not so sure I would give up on Smith just yet. Denver will have to open up its offense eventually, Smith is still a dependable guy. Might look to move Jones-Drew. He is down in the pecking order even if Fragile Fred gets broken. If you have any depth at RB at all I would lean towards droping Drew.
  19. Morn' Hugh, Nice to see you doling out sound advice for another FF season. Wanted to get your thoughts on 3rd WR. Our scoring system is on signature line, as well as my roster. With my options, I am, dare I say it, considering benching R Moss until Raiders show if they have any backbone. My only other real option as I see it is to pick up Cotchery from the Jets and start him this week in place of Moss. Until I have more options (see how Gabriel and D Branch pan out over next few weeks), I don't have much left in the kitty. What do you think?
  20. Trade advice please

    Not at this point in time. Until Oak figures out how to protect their QB (whom ever it might be) and give Moss time to get to his deeper routes he will not be an impact player. There are only so many of those short passes that Moss will catch, he doesn't like getting hit (does anyone) full on. I think he will have some value if Oak is able to stabilize their line and give him time to run his normal routes, but that is too much of a gamble at this point in time. Portis is too much anyway, he's a top 5 RB, if you really want Moss you should be able to get him for a lot less than Portis.
  21. Agree, original deal is too much for you to give, throwing Gore in might be too much for him to give, but worth a try.
  22. WDIS #3 WR

    See our league scoring systems below.
  23. WDIS #3 WR

    Seems to be unanimous Thanks for the input. Good Luck to all this week