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  1. Drop Newton for any of these guys?

    Marquis Brown or Murray
  2. Flex Starter

    Gio if Mixon is out.
  3. Stash Davis

    If you have the luxury of an extra roster spot I would keep him. You can also try to trade him to the CMC owner for an area of need.
  4. Fuller and Gaskin for T. Hill?

    Good move for you if they accept. I wouldn't do it though if I were them.
  5. Who will be SF's main back (if any)?

    It looks like Hasty
  6. Falcons vs Panthers (TNF)

    It was a strange game all together. Coaching on both sides was terrible.
  7. Stash Davis

    If you are a CMC owner yes, cuff them.
  8. Falcons vs Panthers (TNF)

    Julio is definitely back
  9. Falcons vs Panthers (TNF)

    I like Goff this week to
  10. Josh Allen or Carson Wentz

    He's a stud
  11. Make this add/drop?

    Might as well. You can't expect much out of Gallup. Tua may turn out to be the next Mahomes. I seriously doubt it but who knows?
  12. Ryan or Mayfield

    He does surprisingly better when OBJ is not in the lineup, it's very odd.
  13. TE - Hurst or Tonyan

    I'd go Tonyan. I wouldn't expect a huge week though
  14. Josh Allen or Carson Wentz

    This, you gotta go Allen every week in my opinion. His legs alone will keep you in it.
  15. Falcons vs Panthers (TNF)

    Does that over/under seem a little high to anyone else? I do love the Falcons to win outright.