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  1. Wentz out indefinitely

    I'd expect them to sign a veteran long before they let Eason anywhere near a regular season game.
  2. Keeper: Gibson (3rd) vs Hockenson (11th)

    Gesicki is a steal there IMO. I think he has a breakout season.
  3. Nick chubb

  4. Wentz out indefinitely

    Here comes the Minshew trade.
  5. Wentz out indefinitely

    Alex Smith?
  6. Wentz out indefinitely

    The sense is that there are no "major alarms" concerned Carson Wentz, according to @MikeGarafolo . Obviously that's good news regarding the implications of Eagles' 2022 draft pick. #Eagles
  7. Wentz out indefinitely

    Well there goes the Eagles (Indy) first round pick. Dam!
  8. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    They could of saved 5 and got a 3rd rounder back. What was GB doing to say, no?
  9. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    WTF is going on in Houston?
  10. Olympics

    I used to get so excited for the Summer Olympics but the whole thing is unwatchable now. They make it impossible to find or stream it, the coverage is brutal and the commentators are terrible.
  11. Fishing

    Why? How? You live on that gorgeous body of water and you never had the urge to fish it?? Hmmm
  12. Keeper: Gibson (3rd) vs Hockenson (11th)

    I haven't seen anything out of Hock to make me believe he's going to be a top 3 TE. I'm not even sure he's top 10
  13. Keeper: Gibson (3rd) vs Hockenson (11th)

    Gibson for sure
  14. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    It's ok, he has me on ignore. 😆
  15. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    I still like you Steve, it's unrequited.