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  1. He looked really good, he always does when he gets a shot. He's just always been buried on depth charts.
  2. Broncos vs Browns (TNF)

    The Browns are STACKED! They just need a game manager, someone who won't screw it up. That's exactly what Keenum is. What exactly has Mayfield done that makes you go wow? I don't see anything that tells me he's the guy.
  3. Huddle in Decline

    This is the week, bust out!
  4. Broncos vs Browns (TNF)

    Based on your eyeballs where do you rank Mayfield as an NFL QB? I have him middle of the pack (15-17) and that may be generous.
  5. Broncos vs Browns (TNF)

    Or Mayfield's body of work?
  6. Do I make this trade?

    No, I couldn't do that. Kupp is arguably the best player in all of fantasy right now. You're getting a lot of question marks in return.
  7. Miles sanders or Jaylen waddle?

    This is 💯 percent correct!
  8. Running back trade

    Moss is useless but at least Davis is an RB1. I'd probably do that deal. The Seahawks backfield is soo volatile.
  9. Trade offer

    I like the deal but you don't need it.
  10. Broncos vs Browns (TNF)

    I'm not fighting with you. I'm telling you that Keenum is NOT the better QB, but he is the better QB for that system. The problem is that they have a lot tied up in Mayfield and want to see more before they cut the cord. If you can't see that then you don't know football.
  11. Broncos vs Browns (TNF)

    Yup, they looked real good for what they had to work with. I know that you don't want to hear it but Keenum is the better QB for that system. He's exactly what they need.
  12. Better RB stash?

    It depends where Mack goes. He's not an RB1 so he'll most likely be in a timeshare wherever he goes.
  13. TE Help

    Gronk may be a game time decision. Just lock in the others until you know.
  14. Kamara trade

    It's really really close. I don't think it's an upgrade all, more like a sideways move. Kamara is the best player in the deal so I'd probably go with that side.
  15. Wdis at WR

    Woods, Brown