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  1. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Tell us how you really feel.
  2. First redraft of the year - first 5 rounds

    Etienne way to low.
  3. Jonathan Taylor Trade Bait

    No, keep Taylor
  4. Rodgers wants out of GB

    What's the difference? If they lose Rodgers it's a tear down anyhow.
  5. Patriots legend Tim Tebow returns to NFL

    He's quit on every team that he's ever coached. If he thinks College is stressful, wait till he's actually held accountable.
  6. Patriots legend Tim Tebow returns to NFL

    Since when? Have you followed his College career? He insisted on playing last season even though he could of opted out with nothing to lose. The kid is a warrior. He doesn't need Tim Tebow's Ra Ra speeches to get him going.
  7. Patriots legend Tim Tebow returns to NFL

    This shows you what a stunad Urban Meyer is and why he'll ruin Trevor Lawrence. He still thinks it's 2006. Tim Tebow sucked when he was good, what makes him think he's better 6 years later?
  8. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Yeah but that doesn't make for good discussion.
  9. Patriots legend Tim Tebow returns to NFL

    Colt McCoy stole a lot of money from the NFL to.
  10. Waddle = Ruggs?

    Good point. Jrob will certainly eat into some of those touches.
  11. Waddle = Ruggs?

    Why not Etienne? He's in that Kamara mold, he'll get tons of touches.
  12. Patriots legend Tim Tebow returns to NFL

    Now he'll be the most unsuccessful TE that Jacksonville has ever had.
  13. Urban Meyer is a clown. https://www.patspulpit.com/new-england-patriots-social-media-video-podcasts/2021/5/10/22429172/tim-tebow-return-nfl-report-patriots-jaguars
  14. Waddle = Ruggs?

    I tend to agree with everyone. I'd pass on Waddle if I can, especially in PPR.
  15. Waddle = Ruggs?

    I think Waddle is a far more dangerous weapon. He comes into the NFL and is instantly the the best returner in the league. As far as Fantasy goes I'd say his ceiling as a receiver is Deshaun Jackson?? He only had 133 targets in his college career but made big plays everytime he touched it. He'll be boom or bust in the NFL.