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  1. NFL plans to expand regular season to 17 games per team in 2021

    Agree, I'd have no problem with it either.
  2. No surprise but it looks like it's definitely happening. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-plans-to-expand-regular-season-to-17-games-per-team-in-2021
  3. RIP Irv Cross

    RIP Mr. Cross
  4. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    That's definitely a shocker.
  5. Orphaned dynasty league - looking for advice

    I would take it
  6. 2021 Sleepers / bounce-backs - may as well start now

    Agree, he's kind of a wildcard right now. I think if Miami drafts a top WR at 3 his value increases significantly. I don't think it makes much sense for them to over pay for a RB.
  7. Fan controlled football league!

    That just sounds so corny, I can't.
  8. Texans cut Duke Johnson

    I don't think so. He had an opportunity when David Johnson went down last season and he did nothing. He'll land somewhere but it will probably be in a very limited pass catching role.
  9. 2021 Sleepers / bounce-backs - may as well start now

    Here's a few more potential breakouts. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-second-year-players-set-to-make-a-2021-leap-j-k-dobbins-dandre-swift-among-2020-rookies-ready-to-soar/
  10. Hunt or Aiyuk in dynasty PPR?

    I don't think it does much for either side but I'd probably take it and hope Darnold gets a fresh start somewhere else. He could be the wildcard.
  11. Dolphins have interest in Aaron Jones?

    I agree, but I do like Gaskins. The Dolphin have a plethora of good draft picks. Does it really make sense for them to break the bank on Jones though? I wouldn't.
  12. Haha. I only break his balls when he breaks mine. It's mutual ass grabbing.
  13. Your obsession with me is borderline scary.
  14. Jimmy Garoppolo is staying with the 49ers in 2021

    I couldn't imagine anyone taking on that salary. They really have no choice but to keep him. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/san-francisco-49ers/jimmy-garoppolo-14472/
  15. Thanks Darin. I appreciate the feedback.