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  1. Car salesman in NJ

    I would go to Delaware. What part of New Jersey are you in? Jersey is going to tax the hell out of you regardless.
  2. Supply issues you've experienced

    Hey, you voted for this dolt of a President. Are you happy with the job he's done so far? Go ahead, dance around the answer like you do.
  3. This was meant to be a joke, right?

    He doesn't have to be great, just show some growth.
  4. Arrest warrant issued for Earl Thomas

    Got him https://kfdm.com/news/local/former-nfl-star-earl-thomas-arrested-in-orange-on-charge-of-violating-protective-order
  5. This was meant to be a joke, right?

    Neither Wilson or Tua have any excuses this season. This is the year we find out why they really are.
  6. This was meant to be a joke, right?

    When did Jalen Hurts become a Dolphin?
  7. This was meant to be a joke, right?

    It looks like a wounded duck that just got shot.
  8. This was meant to be a joke, right?

    I sure hope not 😃
  9. This was meant to be a joke, right?

    Why is anyone shocked, he's always had a noodle arm. I'm surprised that the Dolphins didn't speed up the video a bit 😂
  10. Free Agency Tracker

    Because he sucks
  11. OUCH! Week 14 byes!

    And that's what you take into consideration when drafting, you can control player bye weeks, you can't control when or if teams will rest players. It doesn't have to be week 14, how about a 12 or 13 game season? I'm open to anything
  12. OUCH! Week 14 byes!

    I'd prefer a shorter Fantasy regular season so that we don't have to worry about teams resting or sitting players, etc. The Fantasy playoffs sucked last season.
  13. NFL schedule rumors

    I sometimes wonder what the schedule makers are thinking 🤔 https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bears-hit-with-bizarre-nfl-scheduling-quirk-that-team-hasnt-seen-in-58-years-plus-10-other-schedule-oddities/
  14. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    You're not afraid to give it but you sure as hell can't take it. I don't care if you want to goof on me or Opie, to me it's all fun but understand that you will get it back ten fold. That's just how it's going to go. I'd certainly much rather talk football with you then get caught up in nonsense. Apparently Bobby doesn't talk football anymore, he's strictly here for the politics.
  15. Supply issues you've experienced

    The Baby formula situation is really bad. https://www.newsweek.com/white-house-defends-sending-baby-formula-border-morally-right-1706560
  16. Free Agency Tracker

    Pitts, London and Edwards are big boys
  17. Free Agency Tracker

    What is with the Falcons? How about adding a faster, smaller receiver that can actually move? They are obsessed with bigger bodies. https://www.nfl.com/news/raiders-trade-bryan-edwards-to-wide-receiver-needy-falcons
  18. Rookie Draft, top two WRs?

    Long term potential it's Williams no doubt and Garrett Wilson then. However we know nothing about the QB there or if he can even play. My targets right now would be Williams and Moore, that's just me.
  19. Free Agency Tracker

    No doubt
  20. Rookie Draft, top two WRs?

    For dynasty this list is all messed up. For this season, yes Drake London should do well by default. They have NOTHING in Atlanta other than a TE. To me Jameson Williams is easily the most talented. And don't sleep on Sky Moore, he's the perfect fit for that offense on a team that loves to throw it. It really comes down to opportunity and their situation.
  21. Rookie Draft, top two WRs?

    Agree 💯. Williams has the pedigree to be a high end #1 but that will all depend on the QB of course. I think Sky Moore will be the one who makes an instant impact, only because of the situation. He should see enough volume to have immediate success. Christian Watson will have moments but he doesn't move the needle for me. Olave can be explosive but is not going to be a high volume WR1 type, that doesn't mean he won't be good. He'll find the end zone.
  22. fan controlled football -- Terrell Owens will play

    Good point. I wonder how this league is making money.
  23. Jerry Jeudy arrested

    Baby Mama Drama? It sounds like a lot of nothing to me, hopefully it is.
  24. Jerry Jeudy arrested

    Not good Professional football player Jerry Jeudy has been arrested by Arapahoe Co sheriff deputies. He's being held at the Arapahoe Co jail on charges of 2nd degree criminal tampering w/a domestic violence enhancer, a misdemeanor. He's on a no bond hold. He's innocent until proven guilty The charge against #Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy -- 2nd-degree criminal tampering -- in Colorado means tampering with another person's property "with intent to cause injury, inconvenience, or annoyance." The domestic-violence enhancer is based on Jeudy's relationship with the accuser.
  25. Jerry Jeudy arrested

    If he's being held until his court appearance it's a little more than traffic tickets I'd imagine.