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  1. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Besides the medical community nobody used or is using an N95 mask. They used the same smelly compromised mask over and over and over again.
  2. Rookie drafts

    I'll overpay for Pierce. I think he's a future stud.
  3. Tom Brady returns to Tampa

    He's really tore up about it isn't he? 😂
  4. Free Agency Tracker

    That would of been a real nice fit for both
  5. Rookie draft 2

    Sorry but I don't get the Drake London love, especially since he has no QB. There's just no way I'm even thinking about him as the first WR off the board. Has anyone ever seen Jameson Williams?
  6. Free Agency Tracker

    You aren't lying, what a mess.
  7. Rookie Draft, top two WRs?

    That's what I think as well. He could probably pick Moore up at 1.07 but he'll be sweating it out
  8. Rookie Draft, top two WRs?

    Probably Garrett but who knows about the QB? That's the reason I like Moore so much, he should have early success.
  9. Rookie drafts

    Don't you love the guy that doesn't show up for the draft and it auto drafts your guy everytime? That drives me crazy
  10. Rookie Draft, top two WRs?

    To me London is a slower version of Kyle Pitts. That being said he's all they got so he should see a ton of targets. Williams and Moore are my favorites but you should be able to get Moore in that 7 spot. I would take Hall or Walker at 2 then get after the WRs. You're in a great spot
  11. Dynasty Tookie Draft

    Seattle loves running the ball and he's definitely the future. If I'm looking long term it's Walker, short term Hall. Both will share carries, at least for this season.
  12. Rookie drafts

    That's fine. I'm saying that just because it wasn't a big part of the offense doesn't mean he can't do it. He was more than capable when asked. Watch the tape.
  13. Rookie drafts

    He caught 20 for 216 and 3 TDs in an offense that didn't utilize him out of the backfield that often. He's shown plenty.
  14. Rookie drafts

    You see Mack as a threat? I don't see it but could be wrong. Perce is a beast.
  15. Rookie drafts

    I like Moore a lot in that offense. He should see plenty of volume.
  16. Rookie drafts

    Does anyone like Dameon Pierce? I feel like he should be ranked higher. He has little to no competition for carries.
  17. Rookie drafts

    Over Williams and Moore?
  18. Rookie drafts

    He's crazy, Michael Carter could never be a true #1. He's just too small and limited. Breece Hall is a full 3 down back that can do just about anything. He'll be the lead back and Carter will be the change of pace guy. That's what I see happening.
  19. Rookie drafts

    Are you Howie Roseman by any chance?
  20. Rookie drafts

    Agree, you don't need to reach for an RB in dynasty anymore.
  21. Car salesman in NJ

    You have to negotiate for sure. When I go to a dealer I already know what I'm going to pay, not a penny more. And don't be afraid to walk away from the table.
  22. Dynasty trade

    Unlike most I like Sky Moore as the first WR. It's by far the best situation. Jameson Williams is a future stud but he may need some time. So I would go WR at 3, you'll have your choice. With a little luck Cook may fall to you later. Don't discount Pierce either. He's in a really good situation with no competition. Rashad White will be an RB1 this time next year. It's a deep rookie draft, you should do really well.
  23. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    You're corny as F Booby. Do you have any new material?
  24. Dynasty trade

    Welcome to the forum! I would hold the picks. You should come out of it with 3 very very good players. Assuming Breece Hall is gone Walker, Sky Moore and Jameson Williams should all be there. That's one hell of a dynasty draft IMO.
  25. Rookie drafts

    Dameon Pierce has to be on that list and Sky Moore needs to be much higher. I don't love that list.